Embarassing Republicans !!!!!!

     Across America there is a scramble and fight going on for the Republican Nomination for President of the United States. As this scrap, scramble, fight goes, we have four so-called grown men making a mess of each other and their party. The Republicans are looking like the Stooges in an old slapstick movie, and it isn’t getting any prettier either. Do they really belive, honestly that the way this is going they will have a leg to stand on up against, President Obama?

        It’s become one serial comedy act after another for these four candidates.In my book three of them should pack up and go home, quickly and leave Mitt Romney to run. but like in the old Stooges films, Curley=Gingrich, Larry=Santorum, Paul=Shemp, and Moe=Romney all have their own little comedy bits in this act, they won’t stop playing!.

       Listen Curley=Gingrich, Larry=Santorum and Shemp=Paul, stop hindering the only candidate among you Moe=Mitt Romney, or your party will not have any chance at winning period!. Your like a bunch of kids from the Family Circus in the Sunday Papers, running around going he did it, no he did it!. Face reality and lets move on ok. If Curley=Gingrich or Larry=Santorum want a chance at the Republican nomination they should take it in the next election cycle, not now. As to Shemp=Paul, well at his age I don’t blame him for wanting a say at the convention, I would too, for it will probably be his last one.

        Larry=Santorum wants to push his ideas and morals on the American people, relating to religion and child-birth and abortion. Sorry Larry, but you are going to fight a losing battle there, abortion and the right to plan a family and the female body belongs to the females. Women need to get together in a public forum or convention and argue out when it is right for them to abort a child or fetus, we men shouldn’t have any say unless the child is a result of a marriage period. I know if I was forcefully impregnated by being raped by someone I wouldn’t want to keep the child either, it just gets hated as it gets older.

       Then we have Curley=Gingrich, he falls asleep at events and forgets where he is and why. Come on now Curley, you know you don’t have the energy and strength to be President nor the backing to win either, the money is drying up now anyway for you. Mr. Gingrich all due respect for your past political career and life, but don’t you really think it’s time to retire?

      Shemp=Mr. Ron Paul, Sir, I respect your age, your experience and you as a man as I am sure all of America and the World does now, but , if you must stay in this race to the White House, we can all understand. Your earned it by running decently every time you have. You can hold you head high in public and private sir, there is no shame in saying ok, I can’t win the nomination, I shall suspend my run.

       I know both Shemp=Ron Paul and Curley=Gingrich are more than likely still running to get their say in the Republican Platform in August at the Convention. Moe=Mitt Romney should by now realize that is what these two want, and should sit down with them and let them have their say at the convention. As to Larry=Rick Santorum, well, he runs just to run and have fun too in my opinion, but his views are not republican views one hundred percent. If Moe=Mitt Romney has a brain in his head he will offer Larry=Rick Santorum something good to step aside and back him for election come November.

         As long as the Stooges keep stopping Moe=Mitt Romney or trying to stop him from getting the Nomination, they are destroying their party in the eyes of Americans everywhere, by looking childish, foolish and idiotic, like little kids squabbling over who’s in charge in a  game. Games up boys, now, calm down, and behave, or America, will treat you as the spoiled little kids you are and send you to your rooms, whether you want it or not!. Wake up, boys, the clock is ticking!.



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