Electronics/ Staples

      Across the world, people including Americans are getting lazy and fat it seems. Almost every home owns a Television, a Game Console and more, and it is sapping the AMerican Spirit and energy from the people.

       So many Gaming Consoles and video games are out, that you go into people’s homes to visit and you find them on and the owners staring at a screen. We have Televisions of all types and sizes, and flat panels too, monitors from computers on and towers too.  Sadly no one has time or the will to even read books anymore, it is all electronic information. My wonder is what is this doing to the children and people of the world?

       Is it right when a five-year old child looks at you and says get me an X-Box, or a Playstation?. What happened to the child who wanted a ball, a sled, ice skates or to explore the woods and lands around them? What happened to the child who would read books, yes real books, and even comics for pleasure. What happened to children playing dodge ball, and hide and seeks and  1,2,3 Red Light? They don’t exist anymore do they?

        When I was a child our parents didn’t buy us electronic gadgets and games like that. Nor did they encourage you to stare at a television daily. We were told to go out play ball, find friends, explore the world but stay safe. We weren’t babysat by electronic gaming systems, or computers, we were given puzzles and Erector Sets, and building blocks. What happened to Lego, Erector Sets, Puzzles and more?. Today it’s give me X-Box, PlayStation or WII. Sad isn’t it?

       Next subject, talking about Electronics and people. I will say this once and it has been true since about ten years ago now, I will not shop at Walgreen ever again and haven’t since ten years ago. The next store to join this list happened yesterday, I had bought a product with a Staples two-year warranty on it, and when I was sold it I was told bring it back if anything goes wrong with it and we will take it and return your money. I was refused by the Store’s General Manager and turned away rudely if I may say so. Sadly Staples is now on my no more shopping list and they will lose more customers I am sure once it gets out.

       Staples use to be a decent store with decent people, who knew how to handle customers, properly, Now they have changed their employees and are rude, individuals who don’t care what you bought or how much you spent. When you sell someone a two-year warranty on a product and tell them it will cover the damage to it or failure of it to work, and then they bring it back telling you it doesn’t work, take it back. Don’t argue with the customer and refuse to take it back and make them call the company that made it!. Again, people are ruder than ever before in the history of businesses and ruin companies reputations. Not only did this incident at Staples cost them myself as a customer, it cost them customers they didn’t realize, my relatives, my friends and people who don’t even know me, soon. I guess Staples and their General Manager saved 400 bucks by not taking the Tablet back, but it will cost them thousands on thousands in customers next.



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