Syria is not our War!

      Syria and its problems and the solution it’s government is enforcing on its citizens is wrong!. Innocent people being bombed and shot upon by planes, tanks and soldiers is wrong period. But, so would America stepping in and stopping it be wrong, we are not the police force of the world or protectors of the world, nor do we have the money, manpower, or time to fight the Syrian Government half a world away from us!.

        John McCain thinks we should get involved by air strikes and bomb Assad out of office and out of this world. I disagree with the fine Senator from Arizona. We have tried this action in the past Senator McCain and all due respect to you for your service and time in government here in America, but, we are not the policemen of the world!. We had different circumstances in the past, but the same situations, in Korea, Vietnam and we lost thousands if not millions of Americans fighting a war and policing nations we had no damn business in. Afghanistan is now a quagmire in and of itself that America needs to get out of immediately.  So why step into a new mess in Syria and kill more Americans and make more enemies out of middle eastern folks? We don’t need it Senator McCain, get the United Nations to do it and the other MIddle Eastern Nations around Syria to shut Assad down, we can negotiate, and direct, we can not enter the war nor should we.

         We have our own war of a type to fight here in America and our own battlefields too. Our war zones is in jobs, manufacturing, trade agreements and putting Americans back to work. Our war zones should be the economy and stopping homelessness, hunger and health problems for our own people not another nations. Sadly, because Americans in Government elected by the people, believe we are the big brother of the world and the super power, we have to help end these conflicts and disasters, we don’t, nor should we!. We don’t have the resources anymore Senator McCain to spend limitless dollars on another countries problems and especially one that doesn’t care two cents about us.

       In the past American Presidents have made some smart choices and stayed out of wars we do not belong in and it has paid off for America.In this case, this President is correct, get us out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan and keep us out of Syria, no ground troops or weapons allowed, Americans can’t afford it and rebuild our economy and status in the world at the same time!.


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