Apple I-Pad and Apple Prices

Apple yesterday introduced its new I-Pad, better graphics and faster internet speeds through 4G instead of 3G. Although I do not own an I=Pad at all, or any Apple products due to prices and finances, I think they make great products. But in the case of this I-Pad the new one, I don’t see why they brought it out now.

        Apple’s Computers have been well made and long-lasting on a regular basis now for sometime, yet the price of the Macs, I-Macs, are so high very few average americans can afford them. While Dell, Acer, Aspire,and HP produce computers under 500.00 dollars a shot both desktops and laptops, Apple Computers maintain the large profit margins attached to theirs, why?

        If I had a good 1500.00 dollars or better to buy an Apple Computer I would, definitely after looking at them recently in an Apple Store. The big screens, the smoothness of their operating system, are fantastic. Their all in ones are great products too, and I hope they have the current problem with over heating of others all in ones figured out and beaten.

       While my sister is a big fan of Apple products, and owns the I-Pad, The I-Pod and loves them, I do not have her money or job, I am a retired American Disable Veteran, with a bad back and on disability and social security. I dream of a I-Mac computer with a big hard drive and screen and lots of memory daily and look at them online wishing. Life it seems is not always fair is it?

        The prices of Apple Products period has always been my main reason for never owning them, otherwise I would. Apple is one hell of a company overall and it’s products are well made and usually last a long time, their operating system, is stable and seems to stop all viruses, it seems to me and others.

        As a blogger, and writer, I do this blog, and stories, poems and rants and raves, plus, write separately too, a Mac or a I-Mac, or Mac Laptop would probably be great to have, but I can only afford PCs.

        I have compared I-Pads to other tablets, and found the graphics better and the speed better in I-Pads, but again I settled for a lesser priced Tablet due to prices and money flow. The American economy is hurting and so am I as a disabled veteran here, so I settle for what I can afford and dream of better.

         Apple should be congratulated on its suggest in many ways, and I guess the Average American who does not have a 50,000 dollar job or income will have to not afford such fine products, but isn’t that life!


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