Mitt won Six/ Stooges still slapsticking!

      Heard it all before now!. The Republicans are still going Mitt Romney is the front-runner, not the eventual nominee. Well, if that is so Republicans it is your own fault for dragging this out as long as you have not Mitt Romney’s.

         Last night I sat and watch some of the results come tumbling in for So-Called Super Tuesday. I thought to myself as it did happen, why, oh why are these Republicans doing this to their candidates and their hopes for a run at the White House come November?. Why destroy your own chances to beat President Obama if you’re a Republican by not solidifying and consolidating behind one candidate and starting to aim for the position now!. It strikes me not only as strange but stupid for the Republican Party to do this!.

       Barbra Bush said it herself, this is the nastiest, dumbest thing she has seen in Republican Politics or Politics in decades!. As the people of the United States vote and make their choices as to who will run against President Obama, the Republican Party needs to get united and together and back one man now. The time is ticking, and you have a very short time between Convention and the actual Election. Wake up!.

         What kind of game are Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul playing here and why? I have heard it is the conservatives that Romney can’t get, well that should be bullshit too. Every time I turn around its one excuse or another why, Conservatives won’t back Romney. It doesn’t matter how you rationalize it Republicans, if you don’t support Romney, the other three have no chance at all.

       I have said this before, now I shall say it again, the Republican Party is running  this primary like a Three Stooges comedy short! If you look at the four of them on stage it is indeed one, as they poke and stab and slap each other around during debates and speeches. Mitt Romney is like Moe, Gingrich is Curley, Santorum is Larry, and finally but not least comes in Ron Paul as Shemp, then they get on stage and do each other up as America laughs at them!. Why do this to yourselves and the Republican Party and look so stupid and assine to the American People?

        As we go forward in this primary round to choose who shall be the Republican’s candidate, someone needs to tell the Stooges, then time has come to retire at least two of them!. As in real life, the Stooges lost first Curley to a heart attack and he passed away. And then Shemp went next dying young too, this cast of the Stooges needs that to happen here and now in the primary race. I don’t mean literally, I mean they must drop from the race and make this a two-man race, both Curley=Gingrich and Shemp=Paul, had their moments of fame and sunshine, but it is now time to drop out and back one of the remaining two front-runners and let Republicans make their choice too.

        As Super Tuesday for March 6th, 2012 came to a close last night, two states were left to decide at my bedtime, they were Ohio and Alaska. Both of which went to Mitt Romney’s corner in the end. While Rick Santorum made a mad dash at this nomination and went after Romney to stop him what is the purpose of doing this, what is his reasons to stay in the race?

       I, for one can not fathom a reason for the Three Stooges to try to stop the fourth from getting the nomination. Even in the old Three Stooges movies and shorts, no matter how divided they were, in the end they all followed Moe! The Time has come men, and it is proven no matter how close the votes were in some states, Moe=Mitt Romney will become eventually the nominee I am sure, get onboard and make his a swifter faster ride to beat President Obama or, watch the wheels come off the republican band wagon and you all fall together into a gully!.



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