So Called Republican/ Super Tuesday!

March 6th, 2012, Super Tuesday, so-called in the Election Cycle year. Four Republicans are stumping, talking, screaming and jumping for votes across the land. Four Republicans who must by now realize they can’t win the Nomination they seek on their own.

       Romney may be the front-runner at this stage and after today’s vote, will probably be on a glide toward the nomination of his Republican Party.

        The close contender now in second place who will more than likely slowly fade is Rick Santorum. But we all know Mr. Santorum has much baggage, social views that are ancient regarding women and is pushing social issues period. It may take a another round of voting after the so-called Super Tuesday that is today, but it will eventually happen, it has to.

         Newt Gingrich, the man who may take Georgia his own state, must also know he really has no chance at his Party’s Nomination.  The money for his run is drying up, his speeches are slowing down and he sits now waiting for tonight’s results. Whether he wins his home state of Georgia or he doesn’t, Newt must also realize with his baggage and his record, and his current state in this field of candidates he has no way in hell of  winning the Nomination. Someone should tell him to suspend his run and get it over with, support Romney and make a difference.

        Ron Paul, God Bless you for running and having fun doing it and bring laughter and logic to the Debates. While all the others stood there tearing each other apart and giving the Democrats ammunition for the Fall, you stayed on your message. While Sir, you will more than likely get a say at the Republican Platform at the Convention in August, you also know you can  not wrestle the Nomination from either Romney or Santorum by now.

     As Super Tuesday or as some say, Not So-Super-Tuesday gets underway, across America millions will be going to the polls and voting for the Republican they want to face President Obama in the fall, and who may have the best chance of beating him or giving him a run for his money. So what would I ask these four men to do, after today?

        If Willard MItt Romney gets the majority of the votes and the delegates, I suggest he run hard, run straight at President Obama and consolidate the Party quickly, he will need all his guns to fight it out and try to win in the fall. Mr. Santorum needs to drop and support Romney after tonight’s results, if you only win one two or even three states Mr. Santorum all you are doing is hurting the Party’s eventual nominee and killing any chances of a Republican win come November.  Again I recommend, suspend your run after tonight’s votes are in, the same should be said to Mr. Paul and Mr. Gingrich too. Men unless you are still in your High School modes and days of yore, it is time to stop the silly debates and attacks on Romney and each other and pack it in and support one man. Your can’t win a war men, if you continue to give the bullets, ammunition, weapons to the enemy, can you?


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