• Loneliness
  • By: William McCurrach 
    Loneliness comes in many forms for many different people,
    Some get so lonely and think of ending it all,
    Then, they stop to think, is it all worth it,
    But don’t ask anyone else, because the reply,
    Will bring a tear,
    And that in and of itself; is a scare.

Many times the solitude and quiet can get to the mind,
It can make one think, they have no hope,
It can make one feel stupid and like a dope.

So when you think it is not all worth living,
And you are so depressed,
And you get tired of always giving,
Don’t give up; remember always, that someone,
Somewhere out there,
Does care, so pull your self up, stand proud,
Join the world, join humanity and the crowd.


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