Sunday, a Slow Day for Relaxing

While many across America and the world look at Sunday as religious day and get up get dressed and washed and eat quickly and run off to church, I find it a day of relaxation, not church. I guess I am not a religious person at heart and stopped going to church as soon as I was old enough to determine for myself.

       Anyway, since today is Sunday and a day of rest and relaxation for me, I am going to post a poem for this day. I hope all enjoy!


Sleepless Nights  William M. McCurrach


I awake in a cold sweat,

Remembering the nightmares I have still and yet.


Each night dreamless and restless,

Because I know I have lost, the best part of me,

I dream no more, each night a black deep hole,

Dreams have vanished, thoughts are dead,

There is, a blackness in my head.


What happened to my dreams?

What happened to my wishes, my wants, my needs,

I have no more of these,

So it seems.


Each night brings pain in my back, my stomach and my heart,

The pain I can live with, if need be,

But the dreams were once a central part of me.


Sleepless nights,

Full of darkness ,

Full of fright!.


How I hate when the sun goes down,

Knowing when it rises again,

I may not be around!.


The sleepless nights, bring to me my tears,

My mind and heart remembers the hurt of the past years.


So I suffer each night, without any dreams,

Sleepless nights are mine for now and ever more,

So it seems.



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