Video Games-Destroying America?.

Video Game Wars seem to be taking over the entertainment of AMerican children and even many adults. Games like Zumba, and The WII games, and even Playstation all seem to be in every home you’re in. You can hear kids and adults talking about the great graphics, sounds and action these games provide, through a controller of one kind or another.

       Sports games, Action games. Shooter Games, Adventure games, even Exercise games. People drawn to monitors and Television screens of all sizes, staring at a game and how to beat it for fun. While it may be entertaining, and it may even be fun, is it really safe and what we want American children and adults doing so many hours they don’t do much else?.

       Back in the 1960’s the America I knew and loved and even yes into the 1970’s, children didn’t have video games and big screen televisions or computers. The parents told all of us go out and play, make friends and explore nature or sports or something for real. We ran, jumped, skipped rope, played ball and more. We learned many things in many different ways, but, we weren’t allowed to sit in front of a screen with a controller in our hands and do nothing else but stare!. Sadly, that is what is happening in America and many other countries around the world and it is killing the motivation, the minds, and the spirits of the children of the world. They have no objectives, or wants or needs other than a computer with great speed and graphics and games, in their minds. Like the game Zombies, our children are becoming zombies themselves.

       I will give you an example of what I mean and if you, anyone who reads this blog, thinks I am wrong, then you let me know, ok?

        I own my own home with my wife and we live in a rural area in Connecticut. As we are an older couple these days and we have a mortgage to pay and bills, we rent bedrooms out to people to make ends meet. We rented a room to a person ten years ago and he is still with us today in his mid forties. The man is 46 years old, weighs well over 300 lbs. and can’t work because of disabilities. 

        One day we invited him to have dinner with us, around 11 am was the invite. My wife gave him a list of things to pick up at the grocery store as follows, 1) ten lbs. of potatoes, 2) brocolli 3) squash 4) Some other veggie too.  We were in the kitchen cooking when he came back from the store and dropped the bags on the table will the bill.

         My wife said to him did you get all the vegetables, he looks back at her and said what vegetables you talking about I didn’t get any!.  My wife looked at him and said didn’t you buy what was on the list?. He said yes he did, so my wife says, so you got the vegetables, he says nope!. We looked at each other and went what? As we took the items out of the bags it was all there so we asked him if they were veggies, he said nope and started naming them by name!. Finally we looked at him and said these are all veggies!. Oh he says and shuffles off back to his video games and tv upstairs.

      Someone please tell me why a 46-year-old man has no idea, what vegetables are? He is so immersed in his video games and tv, daily you hear it running 24/7 unless he is sleeping. He hasn’t had a girl friend in ten years that we know of and he buys electronics like he is addicted to them. He sits in a lawn chair in his bedroom, an X-box controller in hand staring at Shooter Games on a big screen and nothing else. He buys frozen food to eat, so all he has to do is microwave it or put it in the oven and walk away. Is this what we want for our future children to be?

        I once had an idea that maybe just maybe, the Russians and Chinese and Japanese all got together and found a way to conquer us Americans by inventing video games to control our minds and soften our bodies.  Tetris was just out then and I could see Americans flocking to it left and right and sitting down playing it forever. What an attack huh, that would be, but I laughed it off but still I wonder.

        Is America getting weaker because our children don’t want to read, play sports or go outside and play anymore? They just want an electronic video game console and a controller and some stupid game to be immersed in, till they fall asleep staring at them. Sad isn’t it, what happened to the America of invention, innovation, exploration, and more. The healthy and strong people of a nation who wouldn’t ever give up? We lost it all to too much electronic niceties and too many gadgets, we are becoming lazy, fat, slow, dim-witted and worse. Wake up America, Wake up now, before you are too weak to defend yourself or anyone else!.


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