March Madness/ and Call Him President!

      Every year March Madness comes for NCAA Basketball Teams, who will win what division, who will be the National Champion and the sounds of the roar of crowds and games goes on, till only one stands.

        This Year, a new March Madness is a foot so to say. It’s the Presidential Election Cycle which happens once every leap year.  This year four candidates are vying for one nomination and it is more like a circus or a Three Stooges show then an election. But American politics was set up this way from the days of our forefathers and it shall remain that way long after I die I am sure.

     As we go forward, and March one is upon us, I wonder when the Republicans will stop and think how much they are handing to their opposition, who is now an incumbant, to tear their candidates down with? Is there anyway in hell, the Republicans can wake up and look at the amount of missiles, hand grenades and bullets there are giving to the Democrats and President Obama to use against their cause and candidates. Sadly, when in the heat of battle for something, people get blinded by what they see as a fight and hurt themselves more than they should thus, leaving a wounded candidate to fight a healthy one.

        Mitt Romney has now taken his own home state by popular vote, Arizona, Wyoming, New Hampshire and more. Rick Santorum continues to attack Romney and in the end if he had a brain he would realize, he is hurting not only Romney but himself and the Republican Party. Your throwing bombs at your own people and your own party, stop being stupid and back off.

        Mr. Santorum has a problem, he thinks he can sneak in for the Nomination or get his social issues put on the Republican Platform for the fall election and maybe, just maybe a position in a Romney White House. I doubt that would happen, Rick  Santorum’s views on abortion and women’s health care and the church and how he flaunts it in the face of Americans, pulling statements of what women should do with their own bodies and the child they may bear, is going too far.

        Mr. Gingrich has no business staying in the race, except to get his voice heard at the Convention as to the issues most important to him. Like Mr. Santorum Mr. Gingrich does discuss the issues he believes are important to the country and himself, but in the end he must know by now, the Republican Party will not give him the nomination so why keep running. Like Mr. Santorum and Mr. Paul, they all want a say in the Republican Platform in the fall. Sadly it can not happen for all three, they are too far spread out on issues for that.

       So As the March Madness of the American Political World on a leap year hits and grows stronger each day,the real question is, when will the Republicans finally start to realize they must back one candidate to stand a chance in the fall election? Because if they don’t regroup and combine behind one candidate soon, any chance they have at the Presidency will be lost for sure.

       One more thing that irks me and irritates me daily as I watch the Election Process and the news across our land. I noticed from the day President Obama took office to now, newscasters, commentators and more refuse to call him President Obama, they continue to call him Mr. Obama, why is that? Is it because he is the first African-American President and you don’t consider him equal to the rest?  Is it some other reason? I don’t really know, but any man or woman for that matter, who steps up and leads the country and earned the position by-election, and is in the office of The American Presidency deserves and should demand to be called Mr. President or Mr.s President depending of sex and color, race, creed or nationality be damned. Anyone who takes on the office of the Presidency deserves full and unequal respect and honor and admiration for taking it on!.

        So if I were newscasters, commentators, and political pundits across America I would wake the hell up. Barrack Obama is indeed President of The United States and you should all address him as Mr. President not, Mr. Obama or Barrack when you want to. If you can sit there and refer to past Presidents who left office in disgrace as Mr. President or President so and so, then you should respect a President who leads and took office at the behest of the American people, and has earned it all too.



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