Please Vote Carefully!

      February 2012 is ending today and last night Michigan and Arizona spoke in the Republican Primary process and Mitt Romney won both states. As March comes in tomorrow, Republicans may have to begin thinking about regrouping behind their front-runner. If they don’t soon back Romney and push him over the top, any contest or chance he may have to beat President Obama will disappear for sure.

       First and foremost, two of these candidates for the Republican nomination should immediately step aside and allow the top two to go head to head. Newt Gingrich is not an idiot or stupid man and neither is Ron Paul, the answer men is in the numbers. All you have to do now is ask the front-runner if he will give you voice at the convention and a say in the platform!. It is after all, all you really want isn’t it Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Paul, you will get your say I am sure.

      In the end it is looking like Mitt Romney will get his wish to be the candidate for President for his party one way or the other. Ron Santorum needs to back up and regroup also, he needs to stop his social issues platform, and get back to the real issues of the economy, jobs and rebuilding. Sadly he wants to continue to issue warnings to women, about abortions, and contraceptives. Or he wants to rant and rave on who is right or wrong religious wise and what they believe in. Religion Mr. Santorum is freedom of choice item in the United States, and you can not and do not have the right to tell anyone what religion is right or wrong to practice. Nor do you have the right to tell American Women, whether or not they can abort the child of a rape or they should be happy to have one. Sadly your religious views and ideas come from the medieval days and we are in modern days.

       As the election cycle goes forth now, and choices must be made as to who shall face President Obama for the Office, stop and think of what you’re doing to your own candidates and what ammunition you are handing the opposite party. This Election is going to decide not only the presidential future and who will lead us, it will decide whether we turn the economy around or we don’t. Vote Carefully and listen to all folks and don’t vote because someone looks good with his wife and kids, or, because they started something and you want to give them a chance to end it, vote for who will really lead us out of the recession and away from depression and back into the black on the ledger. Wise up Folks, Vote Carefully, Intelligently, and Wisely!



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