Television and Game Consoles

The Television Stations across America have changed so much over my lifetime as to what is on their schedules it is silly and unfair to the viewer. As you flip through the channels with your clicker so to say, ninety percent of all programs are cop shows of one kind or another.  Why is that, I wonder?

      I grew up as a child in the 1960’s. and used to watch shows that were for pure entertainment of the children and parents.  We had shows that were funny, or serious, or about families and characters who were telling actual stories, not crimes. We had shows like Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom, Walt Disney’s Wonderful WOrld of Color, My Favorite Martin, McHale’s Navy, Car 54 Where are You?, and more. Red Skeleton, Jackie Gleason, Carol Burnett ruled the air waves and the all time classic I Love Lucy.  We had American Bandstand, Soul Train and more for music too. But what we had most of all, was variety beyond compare. Variety that would have you staying in front of your television and smiling, laughing or staring in wonder. Television in my parents house was for evenings after school work, or for Sunday Ball Games, or for Special Events, not a babysitter for kids to stare at. The Comedy Teams on television were great ones, The Three Stooges, for one would make everyone laugh. Why now is everything murder,police shows, shootings and violence?

        Some shows today have some entertainment value to them still, but very few. Sadly, American television is turning into newscasts filled not with serious news anymore, but with flub and fillers not worth airing. CNN even has trouble staying hard news twenty-four seven, it brings in silly stuff to fill the hours and minutes to keep going, soft news.

        The HoneyMooners, Jackie Gleason, I Love Lucy, Red Skeleton,Carol Burnett,McHale’s Navy, My Favorite Martin, Wonderful World of Disney, Car 54 Where Are You?. The Munsters, Star Trek, all used imagination to entertain and make people laugh. Children were affixed to watching clean cartoons with lessons, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Captain Kangaroo, and more.  Nothing is clean wholesome entertainment anymore, it all has some form of nudity, or some form of vulgar language that is slipping through the sensors and getting on TV. I have heard language on Television channels like NBC, CBS and ABC the big three, that would have shocked my parents who were liberals and smart beyond compare. Are American ethics and morals slipping that badly that no one cares anymore?

       As we all know Cable Channels such as HBO, ShowTime, Cinemax, and more were invented to keep adult rated language and programs including nudity off public air waves. Why can’t you just keep it that way, and not spread it to the average channels people love?

       Television has grown now not just from a box that you can watch to have a few laughs or watch a movie on, to big screen eye catchers that people get sucked into watching, draining their attention from their normal jobs to do daily. People stare in awe at these big screens and refuse to shut them down in their homes, ignoring or putting off other things they should be doing. It is a sad, sad world when you walk into someone’s house to say hello and visit and they won’t shut a Television off to see you. Sad isn’t it folks?.

        Another pet peeve of mine lately is the video games industry and their grip on the American kids, and some very simple-minded adults even. Kids and Adults stuck in front of a Television screen staring at a game they are playing, hands locked on controllers. the biggest moving part of their body are their fingers and eyes!. No exercise, no physical exertion and no thinking anything through and doing it manually. Big bumps on couches, chairs and floors getting fatter and heavier day by day. Not caring either what goes on around them, just caring how far the can get in a  game, and if they can win.

       Parents need to wake up and realize having a Game Console like X-box, or Playstation, or WII babysit and entertain your children for days at end is not educating them, teaching them to read and write and do math or science, it is draining their energy and life away. Are we destined to have children who don’t know how to read, add and subtract, or what veggies are or anything else? Closed in children who have no world experience or life outside of the Television and Game Consoles they play and stare at?

       Ask yourselves this, when you look at your children today, are my children staring at a television or computer screen 24/7? Do they play outside, do they perform sports, do they run?. Are they reading a  classic book, or building a puzzle or planting plants or flowers, or helping you maintain your property or homes? Are you teaching them life skills that will make them better adults in society or are you making them, uneducated children who know nothing more than Television shows and video games?. A War can not be won by staring at a monitor or television, a new solution for a problem won’t come from a  game console, a Doctor will not make a medical miracle or help humanity if he doesn’t work, will he? Teach the children right you improve the world, teach them wrong and we get lazy, impolite, non-listening trouble makers in trouble with the law and more!. Think of the world one day, filled with electronic gadgets to make things quicker and easier, but, also with people who still know what it is like to work and save and make things right the old-fashioned way by labor and hands on work. It would be something wouldn’t it?.



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