The Writing Bug!

      I started a new book to read yesterday, after I bought it for my Nook E-reader. I bought Steven King‘s 11/22/63, a what if book that has so many possibilities I was interested in what he thought the world would look like if it went as he says. So far he takes an approach to the opening which I think is great from a writer’s perspective, and pulls the reader in slowly, like a fish being lured. I just began so far, but in my opinion the man can write well.

      Dan Brown wrote his books also on the Symbols of Religion by using Da-Vinci and others and Angels and Demons, his reasearch had to be pretty intense to get so deeply into the bible, catholic ways and thoughts and mysteries of the Vatican and it’s city.  While these fantasies and mysteries and what ifs, are entertaining and fun to read I was always a history person. I have read books on many famous times, places, and people in the world and expanded my knowledge and interests in many ways.

       It is said writers are a reclusive bunch and they write but are not very public people. I believe that to be true in many ways and interesting. Many writers they say drink or take drugs, or just avoid reality to get to the stories they write. Letting the mind transverse across time and space to find the motivation and inspiration of what they write.

       Others research history and facts and dump them in their stories to use, as points of interest, or starting points or basis for the story itself. I believe that where ever one gets the idea for a story, it is vital to stick to the central plot you write about and I am sure most writers will agree.

        But my question is simple now, is writing becoming a dead art form, as books as books themselves are becoming? I see Book Stores closing down, Borders went bye, bye, Barnes and Noble now looks like it is in trouble too, is it fast becoming so electronic a world that no one has time or room for an old-fashioned bound hard cover book anymore?

         The texture and feel of a book in your hands as you stare and devour each word someone wrote dragging you deeper into the story and facts. Whether we speak History, Biographies, Mysteries,Science fiction, or a compelling book of Poetry, half the experience has always been the feel of the cover and pages in ones hands has it not?

         E-books and E-readers are great devices for traveling and reading on the go, because you don’t carry the bulk of a book with you, I agree. Yet at home I keep book shelves full of novels, and more written by some of the best Authors in the world, and I review and reread them now and again when bored. Why, because, their works in my mind became the classics for me, in my heart.

       Jack London  was one of the greatest in my book, He wrote stories so vivid and real about the Alaska Yukon, White Fang I could read over and over again. Then there were Authors who didn’t deal in imagination at all, Doris Kearns Goodwin brings to life Lincoln and his death and cabinet. How he banded together all his adversaries to run a country divided by war and overcame prior to being shot and the loyalty he gained from them.

       Robert Ludlum had and wrote some of the best mysteries and adventures I ever read filled with the Jason Bourne character he invented. He chases things around a world filled with suspense, adventure and fights that drag you from one chapter to another.  Mark Twain did the same with his Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer and more. They each had an ability to drag the reader into the story and to have you cheering or crying for the main character and wanting to see how it turned out.

        Writing my friends is a matter of finding the words to say what you have in your mind, in such a way as to make it interesting and vivid to the reader. The more detail and realistic the descriptions of the persons and events and surroundings, the deeper a person gets into the story. Characters become someone you worry about, you cry about, you cheer for, or hope for. They become someone your drawn to follow, because they show the inner thoughts of the person who is chased, running, fighting etc. Interesting isn’t it?

       Writing is a lost art if done correctly, and it becomes something so concrete people want it on paper, so they can read it again and again. That my friends is what makes writing worth the effort!.


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