Assasinations/ Mysteries

      As time has gone on many mysteries and theories about events in real life continue to come about and discussed. assassinations of American Presidents is always a topic among many, who make up theories and conspiracies and then tell their tales. We all know many of the more famous ones, current times we all discuss what happened to the Kennedy Brothers John and Robert. What happened to Martin Luther King Jr., who really killed these famous men who were affecting the American scene and the world? The wonder of did they investigate fully enough, did the Government and Agencies involved, tell us the truth, or did they hide facts?

     Since we are in an Election Year and getting ready to elect a new President or Reelect the one we have, what of the ones before this? What of the Presidents shot and killed, assassinated and forgotten maybe?. Medical science may have been able to save at least one, if it had been up to speed as we all know, President James GarfieldPresident Lincoln died from a serious gun shot would to his head by Booth, but did the legal authorities really get Booth in that barn?. As the years went by, we had many attempts to kill Presidents, but, John Kennedy was indeed shot and killed and we all believe it was Lee Harvey Oswald, right? At least that is what all the testimony says and what was released by our Government. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot also, again a lone assassin did it right? Robert F. Kennedy another one shot dead in a LA. Kitchen in a hotel, by a lone assassin correct?. Well is it all correct or is there conspiracies throughout American History to eliminate certain people due to fear of what they can do by their voices and actions?

      I read history as presented in history books, and find many things interesting and keeping my attention, but none more than the assassinations of people important in American History  who could have made big differences for America and the world. As these men, grew more important to people, suddenly, they are removed from the world stage and things slide back a bit to where it is comfortable for the world to go on.

       The Kennedy Brothers, I can fully discuss their assassinations because I studied them and they were in my lifetimes as was Martin Luther King Jr.. Each of these men were killed under suspicious circumstances and taken out for political reasons beyond a doubt.  Each taken out by a lone assassin who just happened to be able to do the murders by being in the right place?

    Yet historic facts do not align properly for the facts to really be true. President John Kennedy‘s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t have the marksmanship skills to pull off the shot he is given credit for, the audio tapes of November 22, 1963, prove there were at least four shots.

       Robert Kennedy’s assassian  claimed and the audio and video tapes confirm at least 8 shots in the kitchen in that LA Hotel, why? Martin Luther King Jr’s assassin said it himself, there was no way he could have committed the assassination without help. So why were these events in American history, so, sudden and strong with the effects afterwards?.

        Each of these three individuals led the people down a path of correcting what was currently wrong with the society we live in. Plus each of them had flaws also, but in the end, each comes up in history as a hero to the people.  Amazingly,  three men in history during one decade gone, who were leaders and valuable to the world.  I wonder today, as I have since November 22, 1963, when I was in Elementary School and only 7 years old,and saw President Kennedy shot on television, why and who really did this? Who started this decade long killing spree of Americans, and got away with it for real?

         Who really benefitted from these killings and assassinations? What did they accomplish by getting these three individuals killed and out-of-the-way and why? And who really would benefit, from it all?

        American History shows me a few things, JFK’s murder, changed some courses in American history beyond belief. It is like a domino effect over the sixties, if you examine it closely.  Plus so many wanted him dead for different reasons, as suggested by books and newspaper articles. You have LBJ, you have the Mob, you have The Cubans, and more, each with a  solid reason to want him removed. RFK same thing politics and legal antics led to his death in 1968. Martin Luther King was killed for his racial views, his calls for equality and his womanizing ways. We all know the truth, yet history depicts each in its own way and light, why?

        When you look back at these killings who really benefitted? The answers may surprise the world and Americans everywhere! In JFK’s instance, take a look as who followed him into office, the Warren Commission members, and the real results of it all. Mentioned but never pointed at are two American Presidents at least who followed Kennedy, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.  Amazing isn’t it how one was Kennedy’s nemesis and became President five years after his death, and the Second Ford became President when Nixon fell!.

      So I talk President Kennedy’s death because I studied it, it affected me, it affected my life, my history my vision of America. Did the killings of these three men affect yours and how?  And will America ever be given the full truths of these assassinations and how they were committed and why, and what effect will it have in the end on world and American history?



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