Heart To Heart- a Poem by Me.

Heart to Heart

By: William

Did you ever take a walk in the woods,

Go to a place just to have fun,

Wander around and just be you,

And suddenly you’re not alone.


A brief smile you see, or a look,

And you start to say something, yes just to chat,

And all of a sudden, one heart is touching another,

You feel you have found a sister or a brother!


It’s their gentle ways, or their polite manner,

Maybe the way they laugh, or cry,

But suddenly you are heart to heart with someone,

It not a thing that happens, nor do I know how it happens or is done.


Your heart begins to open, and it blooms,

You feel special, wanted, needed,

And you know you have touched,

Heart to Heart  for you feel it,

Yes deep inside, in that special part.


Suddenly you know,

This is the one person,


That’s what you call, Heart To Heart,

And what we all seek to be a part.


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