Syrian Disaster and Iran’s Nuke Threat

      In the Middle East where very few countries tend to live in peace, Syria is now at total unrest and the people are being beaten upon and killed by their own leader and his military. People die daily by big numbers and the press both written and spoken on television, report the facts of a brutal killing spree by Assad and his Government.

       As a American while i disbelieve in what the Assad Government is doing to the Syrian people, I do not see America doing more than getting friends and neighboring countries to help those being oppressed. While we do not believe in what is occurring at all, we can not risk our forces going to war there, nor can we afford another war zone for our own sake or our troops.

         We can negotiate, we can supply through others support for those being beaten upon and killed and like all Americans I know this will happen for we are America. The death tolls mount daily as the Syrian people struggle to survive under a government and man, who shows no mercy for his own people. Sad indeed that he thinks the only way to control the people is to beat and kill them in this way, others in history who did this are now defeated and dead, can’t Assad see what is coming soon?

        The Middle East is a hot bed of burning coals all waiting for a match to ignite their part of the world and burn it up. Israel is not the problem the jewish community and country only tries to stay a country and take care of its own. Their neighbors and enemies refuse to believe the jewish people have a right to live and that is pure crap.

         Now the countries that surround Syria, and the powers that be in the Middle East, need to get together and stop Assad while they can. Then ultimately others must be slowed or stopped also.

           Iran is becoming what may be  the biggest threat in the Middle East by trying to go nuclear. If they create a bomb, a huge nuke in the hands of the people there, it could be a deady deal, that can wipe out billions. Again though it is not our place to negotiate through this with Iran alone we need allies in all phases of this. As some of America’s strongest  and most willed Presidents in the past have said, United will get us somewhere, divided we can fall. Lets all stand together stop what can be the biggest disaster in the world if Iran, gets the nukes it wants, before it happens.

         The headlines fly daily, even hourly out of the Middle East about Syria, its current problems and killings of its own people and suppression of their lives and rights. More stories come about Iran getting a nuke program that will make them a world power and in the end probably kill billions because they have very little if any self-control. One push of a button and these people can blow away large parts of the world at their discretion, nope that has to be stopped you ask me. How, United Nations Sanctions and powers that be must  step in and force Iran to cease creating a nuke weapon, or the world will face destruction like before the cold war that ended starts once more.

      The world not just America, the world and the countries that are the Middle Eastern ones, need to now stand tall, stop Iran while it can be stopped, and step in and stop Assad in Syria too. For in the end, you Middle Eastern people need to police your own neighborhood now and show you can handle it all. America can not and will not be your police force anymore, we will fight our own battles to survive, but we can no longer give help like we used to. Financial troubles abound for America, and on top of it, we can not and should not stay in any war zones again, we need to pull back and defend our own.

       We will stand by our allies and friends and of course support them all we can, but there does come a time when the big dog in military might and political leadership, needs to step back and regroup and take care of itself, that time is now. We don’t need a war in Syria, we don’t need a war in Iran, or Iraq, or Afghanistan, what we need is peace. Assad ultimately will face the justice of his own Syrian people, and go the way of Hussein, Gaddafi, Hitler and others before him. His own people are now figuring ways to remove him from power seeking outside help and getting it and in the end the mass of Syrians will out number him and his people and overthrow him too. While America, doe snot approve of this behavior by the Assad Administration and will continue to tell the world so and expose all of it, we can not be drawn into the fighting of this war, or situation. Sadly it is with great regret, I must say, maybe now Americans have finally learned after Iraq, and now Afghanistan, that we can not and should not be the police force of the world!



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