Election 2012 and Dreams

  Dreams I was told as a child, are for sleeping people not for those awake and bold!. Dreams are supposed to be magical dimensions filled with happy thoughts of what you want to be when you grow up, or you want to happen in the world, to make it better. Then why, Lord, why, are so many dreams shattered while we are too young to realize them?

        I dreamed as a child of a home, with kids of my own, and a big yard and swings for them to play on and a white picket fence surrounding it all. A peaceful place where relaxation, and no pain would occur, and we could dream and reach for more. America has such places across its land, at least it did you see, for now, for many, they get nightmares instead. People can’t afford to eat, keep their homes, pay for their oil, and they stand on street corners holding signs, will work for food!. This is America folks, someone needs to change it back to the land of dreams.

       Four men will climb a stage tonight and debate who is best to be President of the United States of America. Four Republicans, who have played a silly game of never really answering the questions Americans need answered this year. Romney, Santorum,Gingrich and Paul, have never faced nor answered the real issues so far important to the American People. 1) How will you create jobs and what is your plan to do so and how will it work? 2) Will you be able to turn around an economy that is now falling behind the world markets? 3)Can you even the Trade Markets for Americans, can you get our exports to out weigh our imports, returning us to the top of the heap? 4) Will you redo the Trade Agreements and take away China and Japan‘s advantages and even the playing field so Americans can compete in the world market? 5) Can you find a way to bring back the manufacturing base that kept America strong for so long and create more jobs that way and when will it happen? 6) Will you create a school system safe from perverts and sex offenders and teach our children to be the best they can be, safely? 7) Let women decide women’s issues we have no say in the women’s reproductive system, or how they should treat their own bodies, why are people not allowing them their say in their own issues and to decide it all on their own? 8) I have lived through so many Presidents, and so many years now I wonder, why, oh why, no current candidate can be what those before them were, decent men who believed in America and had decent ideas?. Can we get just one out of this years candidates? 9) Stop taking from Social Security and borrowing, stop attacking Medicare and Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits or any other program meant to help the people, find a way to balance the budget by cutting worthless programs that really waste money!. 10) The big question that should be asked of all Candidates this year, is a simple one really; Did you have a big Holiday Season in 2011, did your house have bright lights,Christmas Trees, presents and plenty of food to eat? Did your holidays bring joy and gifts and family unity? Did anyone in your house or family stand on the streets, sleep in cardboard boxes, or beg for food with signs? If not, then why can’t all Americans have what you have, and if you say they can from hard work, then, do your damn jobs and create jobs for us all!.  I have watched this Republican show of candidates this election cycle since they began, I have seen silly speeches, on subjects no one cares about now,and it is time for it to change.

       If Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul can not begin to give solid based answers on how to turn our economy around, how to create jobs, how to help the American people keep their homes and not walk the streets hungry or sleep in cardboard boxes, then they don’t deserve to be President.

       In the end I am still left to look at this Election Cycle as the Stooges vs The President. President Obama has not done everything right, but he at least presents solutions, thinks some up and puts them forward and tries to correct what is wrong. Again looking at the Republicans, we face a choice of one of the Stooges, getting elected to the highest and most powerful position in the world, is that what Americans want?

       Tonight in Arizona, four grown men will walk on stage to Debate the Issues affecting the USA. Watch them closely, they act like the Stooges of the old days. Romney plays Moe the straight guy, Gingrich plays Curly the silly one who tries to make the world laugh,Santorum is like Larry Fine he has the answers but is never really right, and Paul is like Shemp, he takes the hit every debate and smiles through and carries on, like a good little one. Someone needs to tell the Stooges, the silent movies and shorts are over, and make them come into reality and face the real problems we need solved!

       Americans, lets face the facts, among those we have a choice to vote for the Presidency come November, is there anyone who can equal, a Washington, a Jefferson, a Lincoln, Eisenhower or Kennedy, or even a Nixon or Regan? Nope, what we get instead are four stooges running against one President who gives us at least respect while he is in the office across the globe. No answers from the Republicans, should lead and give President Barrack Obama his four more years. I say reelect what you have, when the choices on the opposite side are far worse.



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