Make The World Better!

      Since my youngest days, I have lost many things, respect for some adults, parents, and siblings and friends. I have seen them come and go in my life, some left behind never to return, and some never forgotten but held within my memories still today. Each person was different, in their unique way, each one striving to be who they wished to be, it is what life is for you and for me.

       What makes us who we are today, is the base we come from I say. We have  genes and cultures we come from, built-in survival instincts and more. Yet we are still the accumulation of all we experience and live through. We start at a very young age with what our parents teach us, what to eat, what to read, what to drink and how to do everything. Then as we grow a little older our experiences with other human beings widens our perspectives and our ways of doing things. We tend to learn as we go, which for humanity is indeed a normal experience.

          Each one of us is different for many reasons, it may be race, nationality, skin color or even age, yet we all tend to survive and strive together on a planet so diverse it is indeed a miracle, isn’t it?

        Different cultures, races,, nationalities, bring with them different items we all learn from. Some are musical, some are written, some are cultural only in nature, some are in the foods we eat and they ways we walk and talk and dress. Yet, is it not true we are all striving to be individuals in our own right?

       Growing up for me was an experience filled with different races, cultures, and colors, caucasian, Afro-americans, Hispanics, and yes Orientals too. I came from a mixed neighborhood filled with different people and different styles. It never dawned on me once in my younger days that anyone was any different then the other,  because I learned at a young age, cut us we all bleed red, hurt us we all cry, hit us we all will hit back, respect us and we all can live in peace. I didn’t need John Kennedy or Robert Kennedy, or Martin Luther King JR. to tell me these things, I had a neighborhood full of richness, cultures and personalities that taught me from my youngest age, we are all people and we can get along.

      My parents didn’t sit at home and tell me, this race was bad, or that nationality was bad, or the color of skin matters. What they taught was treat all with respect, treat all the same and just be yourself and get along. I suppose many may say I am full of shit and don’t know what I am saying, but take even some simple animals, throw them together when young and they even do not notice the difference until later. So stop and think folks,  humanity is one.

        I went to school with every race,color and culture in America,I didn’t care, but it taught all of us to get along and it needed to be that way and still does today. I do get upset at times when I hear Afro-Americans, who say everyday do not call me a Niger, calling Caucasians white honkeys or anything along that line or vice versa. The color of ones skin, whether black, white,yellow, brown or any other color does not make a person less human, it does make them culturally different and able to bring fresh ideas to the world though!.

      I have a habit of watching CNN News. It is one of my favorite ways to listen to opinions on politics, ongoing news and events in the world and I usually do not object to much about their broadcasts. Nor do I usually say anything about the reporters, commentators or guests on the station or in their newsrooms. CNN has some of the best reporters in the world and I think they need to get more serious in their newscasts and avoid fluff articles or fill articles. Go Back to Hard News will you!.

       One more thing, for CNN , and I will end todays blog. Among your newscasters and commentators you have one Roland Martin. As a political commentator he does a decent job, yet, at times it seeps through his comments and his chats, that he is offended by anything that reports against the afro-american race. He tends to jump up on his high horse, trying to prove or defend the afro-american race every time someone says something about them, he doesn’t like. He needs to calm down and realize news covers all races, cultures, countries and styles and just report it all. While many may say I am picking on him, others will look and see I am telling the truth when he is on air. It’s really a matter of looking at it all with an unbiased opinion, and reading between the lines so to say.

       I have no problem with any race, culture, or anyone else. I do have a problem with people who get defensive for no reason and react that way. I can understand the plights, the fights, of each race, nationality and color, to reach for equality and to keep free and proud. Once it is achieved though as we all know today it is, shouldn’t we downplay it’s existence, and live our lives as equals? Instead of constantly trying to battle each other, we need to work together and make the world better for all.


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