Death of a Diva

      As I sat around yesterday, watching Whitney Houston’s Funeral at her church in Newark, New Jersey, I wondered about a few things. Why was this on television on such a channel as the World’s Leader in News? Why was the flag in New Jersey hanging at half-mast for a singer and actor, who was an addict and alcoholic?  What right was given to the Houston Family to force us all to watch this funeral and why?

        In the past many stars and singers have died who deserved the same coverage or better.  Native New Jersey people, like Frank Sinatra, when he died didn’t get the flag at half-mast. Other stars and singers also died from drugs and alcohol across America, yet they did not get the honors New Jersey’s Governor gave to Houston. Why?

         I do not have the answers for much of these questions and I am not proud or happy to have to raise them either. Isn’t it amazing though how one person from Newark, New Jersey who died due to more than likely her own fault, is celebrated so loudly and so large? Yes Whitney Houston did a couple of decent films and had hit recordings with her voice, but someone tell me where and when did she serve her country in military life style and  when did she become a politician that contributed to our way of life? She didn’t at anytime, so why the Half-Mast Salute?.

       As I watched many people file to the podium of that church to speak about Whitney, I wondered, when was her real last concert, her real last recording, how long ago and far away did Whitney begin to lose her voice and vocal cords?. And why? I know the Houston Family, and her Aunts and GodMother and ex-Husband will never answer these questions or see them, but how long ago and far away was the Whitney we saw singing in the movies and videos and on cds?. Will we ever know, I doubt it, because like many celebrities, before her, her past and her addictions and habits and lifestyle will never be really shown. Her death revived memories of Judy Garland’s, years ago. A singer no longer with the ability to push out the songs she used to turns to alcohol and drugs to soothe herself and ends up dead, because the addictions overcame her.

        The fears famous people must live with are real, so are the needs to help them support their fragile personalities and to shore them up. Yet, in the end, it should be family and friends who do the shoring up, and it should be done without the abuse of drugs or alcohol.  Who is responsible for a star, turning to drinking and drugs to survive?. Those who enable them with the drugs and drinks and don’t say, that’s enough or no you can’t anymore!. Money buys anything, fame pushes it further and wham, we end up with the Death of a Diva!

      In the end those who let Whitney drink and do drugs are the ones that should answer for this all, she is gone now and no one can speak for her. Whitney I am sure, would have told us had she survived who started her down this road to an early death, but, it is too late now isn’t it?. The Death of a Diva, is the death of a talent and heart so big, it may never be forgotten!.


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