2012 Election Cycle Opinion

  Each day I awake, stumble from my bed to a bathroom, clean up and then dress and stumble downstairs to my kitchen. My mind screams coffee and i get a cup no matter what. Then As I get that going the cat comes around the corner staring at me with big yellow eyes and meows til I feed her, she keeps circling too till I give her it. As she wolves down her food,I grab my coffee and head to my computer, where I check my e-mails in three different places online. then check Facebook, and read CNN and Yahoo before I do anything else.

       I look for signs of things that will affect America, the World and items that may destroy, harm or take away the rights of the people, or their benefits in someway or another. Politics I check daily also, because the future of America is at stake in the current election cycle of 2012. When I do amazingly I find that as President Obama forges ahead in his term in office, and he is coming to a possible end of it, he gets better with time, when you compare him to his Republican challengers left in this race.

       Sadly, it seems no matter what, Mitt Romney is a decent Republican candidate , but the party doesn’t want him to have its nomination because he is too liberal. Next is Rick Santorum, here is a Republican who needs help staying one. His views on abortion, his record in the Senate and more deem this man a not ready for prime time candidate. Yet Americans and the Republicans think he may be the alternative to Romney. Sad isn’t it?

       Newt Gingrich continues to say, he will stay in this race and he is running for President. As all in his own Republican Party will tell you, Newt may win a few states, but in the end he will never get the nomination and he should face that fact. His political baggage from his days in office and as Speaker of the House will haunt him forever. His temperamental attitude and character will only scare many away and he really doesn’t want to be President anymore than Ron Paul does, he just wants a say in the Republican Platform at the Convention. Ron Paul wants the same, they will continue to knock Romney around the longer they both stay in the race, more than likely killing any chance of their party winning the general election, whichever candidate they choose between Romney and Santorum. Sad isn’t it?

       The destruction of Mitt Romney as a candidate has not fully occurred folks, he is still viable in all ways if he concentrates on the economy, jobs, saving benefits for all, and keeping us out of wars. Yet his fellow Republicans will not drop from the race, because they don’t believe he is conservative enough for his right-wing side of the party. The right-wing of the Republican party and the Tea Party better realize soon, they need to back Romney or they have no chance in hell to unseat Obama.

       Talking about the lone Democrat in this race to keep the seat of the Presidency, he is gaining speed and his train is getting warmed up at the station. The steam is a blowing from his engine as he makes it, and he is getting ready to slam the Republicans off the track soon. I fully expect to see President Obama get a second term in office. Yes he didn’t do everything correctly or by the book, but he sure worked his ass off trying to overcome a Congress filled with his enemies. His record will show he put through a Health Care Package to help all Americans even if you don’t agree with all in it. His Record will show he bailed the country out in the only way he could and companies that should have gone under are  still here and alive.

        My ending conclusion on this Election Cycle for the November Election is simple and true. President Obama will more than likely get his second term. He deserves one based on his numbers, his character and the way he has conducted himself for his term. He pulled us out of wars, is bringing our troops and money home. In the end he is respected in the world as a good leader.

        I say vote for President Obama, for when it comes to Debates between Obama and any Republican out there left, you will see and know the difference quickly.  I personally have dubbed the current Presidential Race a new Title: The President and the Stooges. I see the Republicans left as the three stooges of comedy fame. Romney is Moe, trying to keep the other two in line, Gingrich is Curly and is  there for a good laugh now and again, and Santorum is Larry, the constant stand up man for the routines. And we add Ron Paul as a fourth because he reminds me of Shemp, always taking a punch or shot and yet still smiling through the beating. Can The Stooges overcome this opinion of themselves and overcome President Obama for the office? I doubt it?



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