Peyton should Retire!

Sport Stars, for some reason believe they are immune to injuries or immune to repeated injuries and being paralyzed. As many of us know, some players in the NFL and NBA as well as MLB and more, keep playing even after they get injured and think it is the right thing to do, in some cases it may be so, but in others I would say no. I bring this topic up because one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history Peyton Manning, wants to replay pro Football.

        Peyton Manning’s, records, his numbers, his quiet style and manners, were vital to Pro Football and the Colts, yet, he should realize one good shot to his neck or back and he is done for good maybe in a wheel chair for life or worse. Is that worth a few more dollars or a few more numbers added to his already great records? Will this get Peyton into the Hall of Fame?

      Sadly, even though Peyton owns many of the leagues passing records and has won a Super Bowl, he still wishes to take a chance with his health and play, and wants to renegotiate his contract. Peyton you should realize this is not sand lot football, but the Pros of the NFL, the passion of the players for the game is what runs it. No defensive end or lineman on any other team is going to stop his rush and not hit you if they can. And since you will be limited to look around by the neck injuries, you won’t see it coming one day and it will put you in a wheelchair or worse for life. Why Play, why take chances with your life and health, for money, for fame, for what?

         The Manning Family has produced three quarterbacks in the NFL in Archie, Peyton and Eli.  All had abilities to throw a football where it belongs on time and make the teams they played for more down field. Now I suggest Archie Manning, his second son in the league Eli, sit down and have a serious conversation with Peyton on his future in the league and suggest he retire now, before he retires in a wheelchair or on a backboard for good.

         Peyton you don’t owe the Colts nothing, the league nothing, or anyone to do with football nothing. You don’t owe us fans anything either, you performed for years well and won a Super Bowl. Stop while you can still walk, talk, and be normal. The Passion of football players which I am sure is in your heart drives players to play when they shouldn’t ever again, stop for your sake, your families sake and the fans sakes too. We have no need to see you carted off on a stretcher, unable to walk again or see again, or anything else.

        As a fan of the NFL, I think the League and the commissioner should look into Peyton Manning’s health and conditions and determine for him if he can or can not play, or if they think they want to allow him to play in the league under his current health conditions. Sometime The Commish needs to take matters into his own hands and stop players from doing silly, stupid or prideful things that will hurt themselves, the teams or the League in general. I think this is such a case. Goodall needs to look very closely into the leagues position legally if he allows Peyton Manning on a NFL field again as one of its players, the liability will be extreme for the league. Good Luck is all I can say if the League allows Peyton Manning to play again, just to make money and fame is not worth a man’s ability to live and walk. Peyton Manning should retire and go home, with his father and wife and mother and go into announcing games or something else. Don’t take the chance Peyton, you will be sorry if one bad hit happens in one game. No line can protect you all the time. Protect yourself!.



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