Religion/Teachers- Faults, Problems

      The peaceful existence in America is the one thing that draws millions per year to our country, as well as the financial freedom to do as you please as long as you work for what you get, legally. The AMerican Dream has always been freedom from persecution for religious beliefs and the right to live as you please. Yet, and I must say this here, Religion and it’s cast of people cause many problems also. Priests, as peddifilers, now teachers doing the same, what is happening to the social and moral ethics of the American Society?

       As a child I went to church because we were forced to by our parents. Especially our mother in my case who was a catholic as a child herself. Yes I would attend church every sunday and I went to Sunday School, and made both my Communion and my Conformation. Then, one day, my step-father sat us down and told us, it was our choice to attend church or not, of course we decided not to anymore and I believe for me it was the right choice.

        Religion is a choice of each individual out there, whether you choose to attend church is another choice also. The Bible itself and as I learned in Sunday School and Church as a kid, God hears and sees everything, so why do I need to go to a building and pray day by day, or week, by week? I don’t, when I can pray from wherever I am and he shall hear me still. Religion has for centuries now been a dominant factor in life on the planet earth for humanity. We all need to believe in some supreme being who could have created all that is here, don’t we?

       Yet, if God was running our churches and it’s people, would he allow Priest to be peddlefilers? Would he allow them to harass and touch children so young they know not who to cry out to at times? Would he make these same children who were molested and harassed by these priests keep quiet for years or even decades? I doubt this one that’s for sure.

       While the church itself is an organization for promoting Religion in all it’s forms and values, we all must remember it is run by people and people themselves are flawed. Humanity is made with sexual urges, and in fact the church is filled with men and women who have them. But there is no excuse at all in the world, in life, or in reality, for an adult touching a child in a sexual way period. Whats sad is too many religious figures have done so and still very few are exposed by their victims and they need exposed to be removed from the position of trust they are bestowed with, by Churches.

       Now it has spread to our schools and children are being pursued, and molested by teachers in classrooms. Teachers who we trust to protect and teach our children, are touching them and using them for sexual playthings, and getting caught now. Again, we need to change the system and check more closely the profiles and examine our teachers with testing and more to make sure, it doesn’t happen. Teaching is a special skill and a special thing we allow school systems to do to teach our children, we can’t allow the bad ones to ruin children as they teach.

        I tire of hearing how, these individuals in our systems of trusted positions in regards to our children, break the laws, morals and ethics not only of our nation, but of humanity and step across lines they have no business going. America and it’s people, must stand up to these sexual predators in the church and schools and else- where too, we must create better human resource developement laws and hiring laws to screen these all out much better. In the End it is the children of the world we need to protect most of all, they are indeed our future!.



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