Some Short Thoughts

      Most of the time I get responses to my blogs that go like this: Why did you write such a thing? Is this for real?. And at other times I ge,t great article nicely written and it opened my eyes. Either way, it makes me question why I write a blog almost everyday myself, and my response is simple, maybe what I know, or see, or hear, and ultimately write about, will be interesting to others out in the great big world.

        Unlike many other bloggers who write to impress, get attention, and be known I write for my own personal pleasure of sometimes just getting issues off my chest, that may be bugging me. I know it is not the way blogging is supposed to go, its supposed to be for personal issues, or news reports, or important issues everyone wants to read about. I can’t guarantee that each day nor do I intend to.

       I write on issues that disturb me at times, or those that make me cry, or laugh, or make me think what the hell is wrong with the world. I have taken on many issues and responded to many things in the world, from wars, to violence, to medical and government issues and investigations too. I have faced issues of Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyper-Activity, and the combination of both. I have faced depression, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and yes even Cancer and written about it all. I went into politics and Republicans making asses out of themselves, Democrats not reacting properly or at all and more. Issues are so easy to find if you watch the news, the world and the way life goes. I wrote and write poetry, short stories, historical events, of deaths and conspiracies and lots more. I try to honor those who die unexpected and honor those who accomplish great things.

        I have debated the debates of those running for President many times over, The Republicans who want the office yet refuse to compromise currently. I have one more thing to say to the four remaining Republicans that may or may not make sense to many. Wake up, you can’t win the White House by destroying each other, pulling each other down and exposing each others weaknesses to the world and your upcoming opponents. What makes you really think the right way to get your Parties Nomination to run for the Presidency, is by stomping, poking and exposing each others weak spots? Dumb, Dumb,Dumb!.

        As February 2012 slowly slips by, and we face a March with winds that blow and a politic big date for the Republicans, we need to stop and think, especially if you are a Republican Candidate, do we still want to keep running against one another and kill each others reputations and honor and dump on each others positions? The more you do it, the more ammunition you hand to  your opponents and to the American People, so they won’t vote for you!.

        Anyway, as you can tell by this little blog in the middle of millions, or possibly billions on the Internet, I get upset by people acting silly, stupid or selfish too In the end blogging works for me to get ideas, thoughts feelings, and more out about issues that affect me, whether in the newspapers, or online or radio or even Television. Each broadcast, article, report or story brings to mind, different thoughts, different feelings and in the end different responses, and that is important to let out.

       I have seen Presidents die,Singers, Songwriters, Writers, inventors, Politicians and more in my 56 years on this planet. Sadly, we can’t bring back the good ones to help us through life, nor can we wish away the world’s hurt, its pain or it’s poverty and wars. What we can do is openly discuss them and look for solutions that may save the World, Lives and keep humanity going.


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