Whitney’s Death

      Over my Lifetime I have seen and heard of many, many famous people dying, at different ages and times, from many different things. Car accidents,heart attacks,brain tumors, plane crashes and even in taxis, now hotel rooms come to mind also. Among these famous people who died from  causes non-related to drugs or alcohol, few remember them at all.

        We had singers and songwriters die, from Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Frank Sinatra and more. But the death of Whitney Houston yesterday, reminds me of the death of Judy Garland long ago.

        The similarities are amazing because both had the same problems with alcohol and drugs and both left us way too young. Their voices will be heard for decades and lifetimes to come. Like angels of the night who shine bright, their voices rang and entered people’s hearts and lives in so many ways.

        Like Judy Garland, Whitney Houston had her theme song and sang it loud and clear and many times over. The two voices if combined probably could have opened the gates to heaven!. Sadly though, now all we have left are recordings of these voices of so many famous singers of my time on earth. Their recording brought great joy and happiness to millions if not billions World Wide.

         Sadly, the artists that die so young are also the ones so talented it is hard not to mourn their passing, even though we know, they did pass due to their own struggles with addictions they should have never started and could not control. The pressure to perform and stay on top is hard for anyone under such a spot light and beacon shinning on them. Yet some can do it forever like Tony Bennet, who said the world lost a professional and great singer in Whitney.

         As the news casts and more reverberate with news of what killed Whitney Houston and what caused her death is yet to be told, we have to remember, we did not live the life she did, nor did we feel the pressures, addictions and hurts that ate at her soul. Only, she did and no one else can say otherwise.

        As we all think back on Whitney Houston and her career and singing skills, I say what is maybe the Greatest Tribute to a  Great Singer, in her own sung words- IIIIIIIIIIIIII Willlllllllll Alwayssssssssssss oveeeeeeeeeeee Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!.



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