Odds/ Ends/ History

      Things to do come to mind, each day I wake up and in pain I find, I can’t do this, nor can I do that, work has been over for me for over a decade, amazing isn’t when your only 56. The Naval injuries caught up to me at 46, after I served 16 years in the military, and the back and neck spinal injuries do slow me down. Then I have PTSD from childhood and military life, sleep apeana, and many minor things going on. So, the question really becomes how long does one go on living when so many things keep happening and your own body starts to fail you? No one can tell me anything that’s for sure, then we have the TIA, and a minor stroke that I had a few years back. Is fate beginning to tell me life is short?

        As a Disabled Veteran and one who enjoyed military life in three branches of service, I think did I do right in serving my country? I think I did, and because of it here we still sit, free and a republic and democracy thrives. I would never trade the United States for any other country as my homeland and I don’t think a normal thinking individual would either.

       That said, can someone please tell me what the hell is the deal with this election cycle and why the Republicans can’t make a choice? The Debates and Primaries will continue and the Republicans are still stupid enough to smash and tear each other down and no real clear front-runner comes forth, because of this circus they are running. If your going to bash and stomp on one another,not a one of you will ever beat Obama and The Democrats, you just keep giving him ammo to shoot ya down with in the General Election.

       We have had many subjects I have blogged about over the timeI have been doing this, but, none has been so stupid as recent news reports of an Affair between JFK and some girl in 1963. Americans are well aware of President Kennedy‘s ways when he was a President and years before that in the Navy and more. So why would some woman, come forward now, 50 years after the man is dead? Of course profits to sell her book, money is always the motivation and she claims it is to get it off her chest. She didn’t bother in 1963 to get him off her chest did she, even if he was the President and Married with children!. Sad fact isn’t it folks.

         Then we now have the found audio tapes, of what transpired the day Kennedy was shot in 1963. Tapes, that show he was to go to one hospital not the one he went to. No one answers the question of why that change was made that day, but it was. The Kennedy assassination after 50 years still drives theories, ideas, and points to facts, that it was a plot to kill him. Sadly the law and history can’t prove if the whole thing was a plan to kill him or not and if so what of Oswald, Ruby and others the fingers were pointed at? We shall never know, because our own Government doesn’t want us to know.

        Whether the assassination of our 35th President was a plot to overthrow the Government or not will never be known or released if it is known. The facts that get me is not the assassination itself, which I watched as a child on TV in school. but the history afterwards. Some questions come to mind for me always regarding it all.

         1) Did the failed Bay of Pigs have anything to do with it?

         2) Did the Mafia actually kill Kennedy?

          3) Who really was Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby?

         4) Why did Mafia Kingpins celebrate Kennedy’s death?

          5) Who the hell thought up the stupid single bullet theory anyway?

          But those are just a few simple questions, and believe me, I know my history and many things few realize regarding this assassination. What I don’t know is why the American Government would bury it all? No one will ever understand, because they won’t tell !.

       So as I close this blog today I think not only of Politics, not only of assassinations and history, I think of the past, the future and the search for truth! may we all get the truth one day, and may we live in peace!.



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