Raising Hopes for Futures

      Home spun thoughts come to mind each day I wake up, as I remember back over my own childhood and think what was. No one’s childhood is one hundred percent perfect, and I don’t think it is meant to be. We all get taught lessons in different ways by our parents, siblings and friends and yes even enemies. We grow from these experiences and become who we are as adults. Each of us then take those past experiences and use them as a decision-making process to reflect back upon, to guide us forward.

       Some Doctors, scientist and professionals would say I am crazy on this point and I don’t know what I am talking about, but they are wrong too. There is no human survival instinct that makes us who we become, other than the instincts to stay alive and survive, No instinct exists to make us eat or we wouldn’t have eating disorders, no instinct exists to beat upon one another, that comes out of fear and pain you received in the past. These are just basic things, that I am talking about here.

        When you’re a baby, your only instinct is to continue to breathe and eat. As you grow you are then trained in what to say, how to speak, how to bathe, and clean yourself and then how to dress and take care of yourself and eat. All is a process we are taught, amazingly we turn into controlled human beings who can live in societies that currently exist in our world. Each nationality, culture and race, is what their own kind teaches them to be. So equality is there, but is at times restricted by teachings and that makes some more ignorant than others in certain areas and they still must be taught more.

       Each day across the globe we all call Mother Earth mankind destroys each other, the planet and it’s resources. The atmosphere is polluted, the waters too. Species die off and get killed for food, and wars happen and we kill one another. Why? Is it a balance system put into place by a God, or Mother Nature, or something else? We shall never know will we, but we all know it happens and exists in the world!.

        Mother nature controls the planet and around it all kinds of disasters happen daily, volcanos blow, rock slides, typhoons, earthquakes and more, tsunamis come along too. Anyone ever stop to think, the planet is trying to clean itself of infections and we may be a big one ourselves?

          Here is another view for you, stop and think before you say I am crazy ok, or, I make no sense. Clear your mind now, because like I said before about myself, sometimes my thoughts, don’t even make sense to myself, until I see them in writing.

       If you start at the microscopic levels on this planet,  one cell beings scramble to survive and on top of them are bigger more advanced beings, scrambling also. From the microscopic beings , we come to smaller insects, like ants, scurrying across the earth building ant hills and their little cities, and stomped upon by animals and mankind. Above the planet lies a Galaxy and a Universe and more and more is out there. Isn’t it amazing, how we all tend to have our own place in it all?. How does it all happen and occur in such a way, out there as well as here, in life?. Mankind is not destined to know these things or all the answers to them, but we are born with curiosity and keep searching for answers don’t we?.

      Human beings have reached far beyond our own planet in peaceful missions to the moon and other planets now, so why can’t we  all get along on the planet we live on?. Why can’t we compromise, decide together, and determine that humanity will survive longer if we all save the planet and  each other, by cooperating?  It is a  sad. sad thing, when decades after slavery is over, and Hitler is gone and more, we still see the ugly issues come up, isn’t it?. Why is there gay bashing, why is there race wars, and issues over the color of skins, or anything else?. Because we are taught once again, by those before us what we do today!. Parents need to teach their children, white,black, yellow, or any other race one big important factor, we all bleed, we all get sick, we all need love and want more of it!.  We all have emotions, feelings, and pain, but we are what we are taught, I come back to that again!.

        Go around the world and gather one person at birth on the same hour and minute if you can, one of each race, color, creed and nationality and put them in one place before they know anything at all. And teach all of them the exact same morals, ethics, values, and beliefs, and you know what, all will never care what color, they are, what religion they practice, what sexual preference they are. Societies create the values, the ethics, the morals and more that make us who we are, we don’t when we are young. So it is parenting, you are what your parents, your siblings, your family and your friends teach you to be, be careful what you teach your children now too.

       For yes people, the more we teach our children we all are equal and we all can get along the more it will happen in the world and here in America. The Hopes of Mankind and Civilization itself rests on the shoulders, the hearts and minds of the children of today. You want to make the world a better place for your children to live in, make it a peaceful one, by teaching equality no matter race, creed, nationality, or anything else.Raising Hopes for the Future, is Raising your children to all get along!.




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