Veteran’s Benefits,/ and Politics!

Lets talk veterans and the benefits they deserve. I think all Veterans like myself who served their country and were injured in the line of duty, deserve to be treated with respect, honor, caring and the benefits should include all medical and dental coverage and aid needed to live a decent life. I see people who complain because veterans get eye care or equipment or dental care too. Sadly they wouldn’t need it, would they if they were not injured, disabled in service?. It matters not, where the injury occurred or how, unless it was determined to be their own fault, these veterans need help and their benefits ask me, I am one.

        Veteran’s Hospital’s need to be able to expand the services they provide and they need facilities and equipment to do so. Here in Connecticut, West Haven has the Veteran’s Hospital for the area. They work out of an old hospital with equipment that at times seems outdated and it is definitely over crowded with patients of both sexes, from all branches of military service. Yet they can’t get Uncle Sam, or Washington to finance a simple parking garage so patients don’t have to drive in circles to park and get there an hour early to find a spot? Why? It is all part of taking care of our Veterans and we deserve better, I believe, if we can give our lives, our health and our well-being to protect and defend the country and police and fight other countries wars, as ordered by the Commander-in-Chief, well, you get the message I think.

        Next subject, last night February 7th, 2012, I watched the Republican Primaries in three states go to one man and it wasn’t the front-runner at that moment. In a move that surprised the front-runner Romney and all pundits and newscasters, Rick Santorum, surpassed expectations and won all three. What does it mean for the republican nomination at this time and date?

         My opinion at times does not always go with the normal, but it does at times stress some good points. It seems to me Romney made some mistakes in speaking about the poor as he did and making comments on firing people, when referring to Insurance Companies. He needs to watch what he says more carefully and be more forceful and aggressive toward all opponents he faces in this election. This nice guy attitude and stance is not going to win anything Mitt. Wake up it’s a war you’re in and they will use every action, word you say to slam you aside. If you want to win, don’t be one hundred percent negative either, you have to walk a thin line and balance it all.

        Santorum I congratulate for his victories and his decisions to run as he did. The Former Senator, ran a clean, honest campaign in all three states, with very little negative involved. Mitt needs to learn from this victory by Santorum. It shows Mitt all that money you spend going negative against other Republicans could have been used in a more positive way and made you progress, instead of taking away from what you want!.

       Now we shall see what happens next that is for sure in this run at The White House and Presidency! In the end though, I wonder how many Republicans and Democrats and Independents and Tea Party voters, believe that any Republican can actually beat President Obama.  Before you can beat what is in the office in The White House, you need to be presidential in your actions, decisions and character and speeches too, and mean what you say. It’s gonna be a long hot summer for all candidates including the President.    God Bless the United States and it’s people as we face a spring, summer and fall of listening to politicians who will speak and not mean half of what they say. I hope Americans are smart enough to know, they will say anything to achieve the White House!


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