Aging and Responses to It!

      As we all age and get older, yes I know it is redundant, but who cares. We all tend to have things occur to us at different rates. Some end up over weight and bad backs and knees. Others end up worse with bad vision and hearing and still yet some of us end up with heart, kidney or liver problems or something like that. Isn’t smart to stop denying these things occur and go get help?

       I ask this question because I see so many people who are too vain or stubborn to admit their organs, or body parts are failing them and they suffer for it. The wife who can’t hear or won’t see a hearing specialist, the man who won’t get glasses but he can’t see beyond his nose. These are individuals with pride and vanity that should forget their vanity and pride and get help.

        The ones who deny anything is wrong one minute and then the next know there is something wrong but refuse to acknowledge it all or pay to get help. Silly isn’t it, but true.

       We all grow old whether we are male or female, we all gray or lose hair, we all gain weight and we all end up fighting our own bodies to stay alive and survive and live normal. Why can’t we just all accept, what happens to us and take it all gracefully and admit it and age gracefully. Women tend to get more make-up, plastic surgery and go crazy over diets. Men tend to go crazy over diets, hiding their baldness and blindness too. It is funny how the frailties of older age, get to us all no matter what sex, race, creed or nationality isn’t it?

          Talking about aging and time passing, what the hell is all this about President Kennedy fifty years ago dead now, doing an affair with some intern. Who really cares, he has been dead for fifty years folks, and the only reason a woman would speak up about such an affair this long after, is to gain fame and money. Do we really care what happened back then? Aren’t we all informed enough about President Kennedy and his sexual escapades already? And what does this woman expect to get out of telling her story of this affair now? What else to sell her book and make money is all.

       As we age and time passes us by and we all become some part of history where ever we are from or who ever we are, isn’t it amazing, that life is a mosaic of incidents and experiences that forms a pattern we all end up following in one way or another?

          Aging my friends is an unavoidable thing all species of life must do and we all face the fact sooner or later don’t we. We prepare for it and dying in our way, by medical testing, accepting it and in the end writing wills and testaments and instructions in how we want our bodies disposed of and where. Amazingly, when we are all gone from here, the world shall still be orbiting about, life will still be here and moving about in one form or another, and time shall never cease. Our response to aging is to try to hang onto life and prolong it, but is it what is intended by Mother nature? No one knows!.



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