The Stooper Bowl and The Stooges

      The Super Bowl ended last night with a New York Giants Victory in the final few minutes. A Great game between two fine teams who played with emotion, skill and guts.

         Now people of the United States it is time to get back to what I call the Stooper Bowl, the election season of 2012. The Republicans now have a front-runner beyond doubt in Willard Mitt Romney whom I call Moe. Moe is trying to clear up the problems with the other Stooges and remove them from his path to his destiny, he believes. Moe’s brothers are Curly- Gingrich, Shemp-Santorum and of course their age old partner Larry- Ron Paul. Like the Three Stooges from the old days they prank, poke and jolt and push Moe and he does it back. And it all looks so funny and nice for public consumption, everyone forgets, this is indeed a Presidential Election in 2012!.

      Moe has won two states and has some delegates behind him now and is charging for a third me thinks or is it a fourth. Lets see he took New Hampshire, and lost Iowa, lost in South Carolina, won in Florida and now Nevada, ok so three. Yet the other stooges won’t drop out and back their brother Moe-Romney because he isn’t conservative enough, silly!.

        A little advice for the remaining three Stooges may be in store!. One Curly-Gingrich/ Two-Shemp-Santorum/Three-Larry-Paul, the longer you stay in this race the worse you make the chance of your party winning in November. Second piece of advice to understand, money does not grow on trees boys, the money trees are about to get hit by a frost and deep freeze. If you can’t show a win that will propel you to the Nomination why would money back you? Wakey, Wakey boys, the facts are gonna bite you all in the ass!.

          Mitt Romney-Moe in my opinion is out distancing his opponents the Stooges, because he looks presidential, he acts it and he has the money to do so.The real question is this though, can he overcome his inexperience and  talk straight talk to the American people and can he out talk President Obama and get the facts straight? I doubt at this point if he can beat President Obama, the reasoning is simple, Obama is the Incumbant, his record will carry him through it and when you attack his record you will attack your own party not his. Republicans made the stalemate and log jam in Washington, not the Democrats. Wake up America, whether any of the Stooges, get the Nomination of their party, including our darling MOe-Mitt Romney, do any of them have a leg to stand on come November?


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