Things not to Do/and The Stooges!

      Whoever wins in November’s General Election, should listen to the American people for a change or better than what is currently happening now. Sadly no matter what the American people say or do changes will occur in Government programs and more. Yet, the Candidates should be very careful what they touch and don’t touch, you want to cut budgets and save money there are many places to cut, instead of messing with people’s entitlements. If you cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicade or aid to the helpless in any way you better be prepared to hear from the people. Cut programs that are not worthy of being there and that don’t help anything.

        Cut No Child Left Behind a worthless program that advances children who really are not ready to advance at all. Cut some justice programs, or some programs we pay for but no one uses. Be smart and don’t mess with people’s benefits, we earned them. Politicians tend to cut programs they have no business in, they don’t use them so they can’t understand them.

         Cut your Space Program, some, don’t send us to colonize a moon or anything else we can’t afford it. Stop spending money we don’t have folks. Your borrowing forty cents on every dollar you spend, and in the mean time China is raking in the interest alone on what we borrow and getting richer daily. Stop borrowing, and that means don’t borrow from the Social Security funds either, they don’t belong to the Government, they belong to the people who paid into it for decades and need it in their older age. Run the Government like you would run your house and family if you were middle class or poor, only buy what you need and save for future problems. America is hurting damn you all, listen!

       Americans voted in George W. Bush and then let him destroy what Clinton built before him, by coming up with stupid plans and directions for us to go into. Mr. Bush took a surplus of money and fortune and turned billions of dollars in the black, into a sea of red on the balance sheets. He totally went crazy with stupid shit. Why were we in Iraq, well, Bush wanted to prove his daddy was right and it could be done and straighten out his daddy’s reputation is all.  We don’t belong in Afghanistan either damn it, those people hate Americans yet we go fight their wars for them and protect them, why? Bring the troops home, the weapons home, the money home and lets put it back into our economy and our people and make us better. We can’t police the world, we can’t defend the world and we can’t stop evil everywhere, we do not carry and wear a big red S on our chest and can’t be hurt. We can and have been hurt by over expenditures, over protecting others, and reaching out to places we don’t belong.

       Americans are not The Avengers or Justice League of the world, or any super heroes at all. We hurt when we help others and it shows. They undercut our trade agreements, they cut our export and raise their imports into our country and undercut the trade balance in their direction and cheat us. Wake up Washington, wake up Congress, balance the trade and you help balance America.

         Now, onto to one more thing here. The Republicans and their primary race for their nomination. It is becoming a circus and the three stooges, Curly(Gingrich), (Shemp) Ron Paul, and (Larry( Santorum) seem to want to keep messing with (Moe) Mitt Romney and trying to prevent him from the nomination. They should all stop, reevaluate their positions and the comedy act they are running, and worry hard if any of them can beat President Obama. The sooner they do back off, and let Mitt Romney have the nomination the better it will be for their party. If Willard Mitt Romney is the nominee of his party for the November Election, then he is gonna need a lot of help and backers to beat Obama, consolidate now and help him, stop trying to tear him down. Just my recommendation at this stage folks.


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