Old Argument/ Star Trek and Reality

     The old argument came to mind for me once more that science experts have fought over forever. Did we come from, 1) The Big Bang, 2) Evolution, God or where? Which is true, I say this to you we as humans were never intended to know.

       I can give you some thought on what I see and can prove somethings about, like my theory on life’s cyclic aspects. And the familiar patterns I see about me as I age.

        When you were a child and playing outside in your own backyard somewhere, did you dig in the sand and mud? Did you notice the ants scurrying under your feel and watch them for a while as they hurried about, trying to gather food and return home?. Well, human beings do the same believe me just on a larger scale on the planet itself. The ants build homes( ant hills, and they all work together if in one nest), and they build what is proper to house their own. They then go about gathering food and feeding themselves, their own and their leader. Funny right when ya stop to think of it, humans are doing the same things.

        On a microscopic level, humans are just a blip in the Universe and Galaxy we are in.  We scramble across the earth just like ants, looking for places  to survive and live and gather food and supplies. Weather comes it wipes us and the ants out home wise, but we rebuild. We survive and don’t stop doing what we have always done since our beginning, fight for survival.

      Above us lies space, other planets, a Galaxy and Universe and many more. Somewhere out there is another civilization, another race alien to us, looking at us or for us just as we are looking for them. Will they find us or us them first and what will the encounter be like? We have no answers yet because we really haven’t met anyone out there have we?.

      Gene Roddenberry had a vision with Star Trek, a Vision of a space filled with civilizations, races, creatures and worlds, filled with life. He took simple things like salt and pepper shakers and used them as tools. He invented aliens who were logical, to those who were emotional and even violent. Amazing what the human mind can fathom on its own!.

       I do believe space is a final frontier indeed, but before we can solve what is out there, we need to solve what is here and make peace with our own kind, humanity of all types. And we can not reach out there as Roddenberry showed and taught and produced for entertainment purposes, unless we can all get together here, and we can afford to reach out there.

       We can’t build space stations, and colonize the moon, if we can’t afford it. How can one look beyond feeding its own people and nations and keeping them going? One can not and logical say they are doing things right!

       The saddest part of watching the world is the way the politicians of all nations have basically the same  stupid ideas. Slow down politicians, take care of the survival and needed problems first, before reaching for the stars.



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