What Romney’s win means!

      February 2012 is here today and last nights final votes from the Florida Primary gave Mitt Romney a double-digit win over Newt Gingrich and more than that over his two other opponents, currently left standing. Romney also gave a speech afterwards that shows him growing in stature and confidence, but still ways to go before facing a current President in a General Election.

      As to the three other candidates on the Republican side here; Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Santorum and Mr. Paul, should now begin to reevaluate their campaigns and think about consolidating behind Romney. It is apparent now, that, Newt Gingrich had some staying power in South Carolina, but, his baggage of his past as Speaker of the House and Congress and his former marriages will not allow him to go over the top. He has a lot of anger and he will fight on a bit just to make a stink and get even with the world. But pride and envy, as well as anger, will not get him the nomination.

      Mr. Santorum, God Bless you for running also, we all hope and pray your children are all well, especially Lil Bella. But there does come a time when a candidate must stop spending good money for a hopeless cause and this is your time Sir. You have fought a good fight, battled through Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, gave some very good speeches, and debates and made some smart comments when you said lets stop talking how to slap each other around and give the people the answers to issues. I applaud that answer and honesty Mr. Santorum, I really do, and admire you greatly for that. It is time though for you to finally, pick up the pieces, save your money and go home and take care of your wife and children. Your only spending more than you have in a losing cause.

       Ah we are then left with Mr. Ron Paul, the rouge of the Party in my opinion. The man who wishes to buck all the odds and have his say no matter what. While I admire Mr. Paul and his views in some areas, in the end Mr. Paul is not a true Conservative Republican, his views are too outlandish and liberal. While I agree with his ideas on wars, we don’t need them, we also don’t need to police other countries, he knows as I know he can never get the Nomination of his Party they would never give it to him. I believe what he really wants is a say in the Republican Platform at the convention. He will get his say is all and he has earned it by the way he has run.

       Mr. Romney is now officially the front-runner for the Republican Nomination, and he needs to work on the issues that face America, and the Issues he will face come the General Election. He also needs to work on his speech and style and his way of presenting issues and himself to the public now. He must begin to come up with solid plans for the economy,health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid and social security, and how to create jobs, jobs, job. Get some damn good advisors Mr. Romney and find concrete ways to produce innovation, invention and creation of work for the American people. If you want to win come November, you will have to have concrete solutions for the issues facing America and be able to clearly put them forward in plain English for the people to understand!.


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