The Stooges and The President

      The End of January 2012 has arrived and the Floridians must speak today as to which Republican they want to get the nomination and run against President Obama. Four Republican on one ballot in any state is like Moe Howard bring his Stooges around and himself and asking you to choose who ya like! Ya had Moe=Romney, then ya had Shemp=Ron Paul, then ya had Curly=Gingrich, and then Larry=Santorum. It’s a funny act to watch but one must stand up and be real or no one competes.

       I watched the Florida Debates and every time Curly(Gingrich) opened his mouth, old Moe(Romney) would slap him upside his head. Then after a while Shemp(Santorum) had enough bull and said so, and in the end all four Stooges stood there and looked so lost as the debates ended. Larry( Ron Paul) was indeed like an outsider added to the show for relief. It all was one hell of an act in its day wasn’t it?. But is it what we need to run for President or not?

      Like the Stooges in their beginning, they had a manager who paid each one hundred dollars a show and no more and used them as the act to make himself look good, his name was Ted Healy. Well, the Stooges beginning is about to happen all over again soon, when President Obama steps up to the plate to run for reelection. He will be like Ted Healy was to the Stooges in their beginning, staging them, and paying them respects and comments but never enough to get them over the top. Thats the way I see the 2012 election so far this year, it’s a running circus of Stooges and Manager about to have a contract dispute, over who gets to do what and how much they get paid. Sad isn’t it, but true, it happens because people run for the Presidency and have no idea what they are pursuing or why or what to do with it when they get there.

           My real opinion of this whole circus so far is what I say above, the Republicans are like the Stooges!

        In 2008 at least when the Democrats ran Hillary against Obama, there was no Stooges act, there was indeed intelligent conversations and discussions of the real issues at the time.Hillary ran strong and hard on the issues and came oh so close to being the first female President of the United States, and if you look at her today, she is one of the best Secretaries of State in the Nation’s History. So, why couldn’t the Republicans produce a competitive race for their Nomination this year, I do not know for sure, but I know this, you can’t let the Stooges over run Ted Healy until they can stand on their own act!.


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