Maybe what we Need to Do?

Advice for politicians comes from many sources, they have history and advisers, and one for every area out there, except one, the actual people they want to represent. The only way a politician who is running for office of any position learns anything real is to listen to the people they are working for. 

        In each state we have Governors and Senators and Representatives, few of which even bother to listen to those they are supposed to work for. Sadly once elected Politicians become like Drew Peterson who killed his four wives, they believe themselves to be untouchable. It’s not true folks, if the people you represent decide your too phoney and not worthy of your position, you can be voted out next cycle around. Such is the case for all public offices that get filled by-election cycles, and it would be wise to remember that for all members of the Senate and House. For I believe there comes a time when we as Americans have to realize we made mistakes when voting and remove the trash so to say and back up whoever is going to be our next President, so we can move the country forward and improve it. 

       Maybe, we thought we were being smart by using the old checks and balances system to hold President Obama in check when we elected a Republican House to balance it all. But Americans are now beginning to understand that we screwed this one up. You can’t elect someone President and give them no support or backing in the House or Senate and think things will change, it won’t happen.

       There is one big difference between the two parties that are out there now. One Party will spend, spend, spend till no money is left and stop. The second party will spend, spend, spend, and then when the money runs out borrow more and do so on credit and get us deeper in debt. Sadly it has been that way since way back when and is still today.

         If you want to win the Presidency this 2012 in November, I think you need to listen to the people this time for sure, they are angry in their own way.

         The children need better schools, and education,Stop this No Child Left Behind program it sucks. The Medical Program called Obama Care works but needs fixing in certain areas fix it.  Keep American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines home, no more wars, no policing other nations problems and use that money to create jobs here at home. Take the funding for the wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring it all home and pour it into manufacturing and creating products to sell to other nations, and balance the trade markets by tarriffing and taxing incoming products and raising the exports out so we get the trade balance in our favor once more.

      2012 will be a very important election in American History for we all must make a choice this year that will affect the country for years to come. We can vote, to elect a new President and Congress and move the country forward, but would it be the right thing to do, or would reelecting President Obama and giving him the support he needs in both theHouse and Senate be best?

       And is there a candidate whether it is Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, or Paul, who can promise us, they will stop borrowing Social Security money to pay bills, they will leave Health Care intact and Medicare and Medicaid too? Is there a candidate who can speak on how specifically they will create jobs, turn the economy around and make America a better place for future generations, instead of selling our souls and hearts to other countries? These are questions American’s need to ask and get answers to and the politicians need to answer truthfully for a change. America’s life as a free nation is at stake and it’s future too!.


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