Needs of The People and Elections

The possibilities of who can lead this nation for the next four years or more, are clear at this stage, but, how many of the four Republicans can really lead and make the important choices all need. And if they fail to hit the mark and have the right answers, I promise them, President Obama will have them.

       The choices are clear but are the issues and who will protect the American people if the wrong choice is made come November, no one. You want to win in November you will have to have solutions to certain issues that will work, not just be electable but be knowledgable and aware of the needs of Americans. How many of the Republicans are hitting the real issues at this stage and speaking the truth needed to repair the issues?

         I see the real issues for the American People and the country in the following items and wonder who has the real answers. 1) The American Economy and it’s failure to grow at a steady rate, why and how do you fix it? 2) Job Growth and creating real jobs that Americans can work at, get those factories running again, be inventive, innovative and realistic and remember America is made up of Blue-Collar workers not White-Collar ones. 3) Level the trade markets and trade agreements and get us on equal footing with the world once more We can keep importing, more than we export and survive, nor can we allow China, Japan, and other countries to flood our markets with items we can make if we set our minds to it. 4) Don’t hurt the elderly people of this country, do not touch Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security. Stop borrowing from the Social Security Funds, people put there for their own use in old age, matter of fact, add to it in some way and make it more solvent. 5) Medical and prescription costs are crazy, lower the bills, and costs and make medical care affordable for all, it doesn’t have to be federal run, but it has to be federal controlled or the Medical Practice personnel will own all Americans before they are 40. 6) Before Welfare is used on any family, make sure the parents are given a chance at a job somewhere. Retraining of people is vital to the American Work-Force and Economy! Restore American Pride and know how and use it!. 7) Keep us out of wars and policing of other nations, we don’t belong in there and we are not the world’s cops.

        As a Disabled American Veteran who served his country for 16 years and gave up his health to do so, I want the Veteran’s Benefits kept intact and even increased for those of us who served Honorably and earned them. I don’t want to hear cutting back on benefits, or VA. Hospitals not accepting qualified Veterans as patients that would be crap to me. So, I hope and pray these candidates running for office listen to the American People and get it right this time.

        Last comment here, if we re-elect President Obama you must give him a Democratic House and Senate to back him up for progress to be made. If you elect a Republican then you must do the same for them. No progress is what we got out of the 2008 election here and total gridlock, we can’t afford another four or eight years of the same, fix it folks.


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