Comic Characters and Books

Well, 2012 is bringing comic book characters to the big screen again and again and the next big group to hit the big screen will be Marvel Comics’ The Avengers. An interesting cast fills the film with fun and games and wars to fight, before they actually make it all right. We have seen now Spiderman hit the screen, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Batman in many forms,of course Superman,The X-Men. All coming from one source the comic book industry, and the vivid imaginations of such people as Stan Lee and others.

       While Marvel Comics leads the way with its charactors at this time splashing across the big screen, Captain America, Thor and next The Avengers, DC Comics has to realize their characters deserve the big screen experience too, and must be done right. Green Lantern was done decently in 2011 and it was an enjoyable film in 3D, and ended with a  prequel to what I hope is a return to the franchise once more with Sinestro vs Green Lantern.

       What I await is DC Comics to produce a Justice League film with established characters like, SuperMan,Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern,The Atom and many more from their collection of characters. Use only the ones that you can portray as realistic enough to work, like Marvel did in the X-Men Series.

        Comic Books have helped encourage children to dream, fantasize, hope and get lost on drawn and written words and worlds for a long time now. Yet the price of comic books climbs so fast it is sad to see. Comics I paid a nickel a shot for in the 1960s, now cost over five dollars a book today, why? I know artist and writers cost to keep around and all that, but over five dollars a comic come on!. I stay with DC now a days, due to the prices and I buy only the one series I love period. I can’t afford to give up five to six dollars a piece for comics, I barely can make the current 2.99 price from DC.

       The Comic book industry, saved many children with stories of bravery and taught many children to read and fantasize as I said earlier, but once reality hits a person and they realize the prices they are paying well sales will drop I am sure. The economy is very tight these days and paper, ink, and art work does not put your children through school, pay the mortgage or rent or put food in one’s mouth to survive.

       I will never begrudge the Comic Book Industry the right to make money or pay its employees. But on the other hand in order to survive less and less can afford their prices to read and fantasize about different characters or story lines, or worlds. Be careful comic book creators and artists, don’t price yourself right out of business.


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