Dreams and Depression

     Dreams are made to make one sleep more peacefully some would say, others would say they are made to be invaded by nightmares and destroy you. Which is the truth is based on a couple of things, 1) your stability mentally, 2) Your family life growing up, 3) How you learned to interact with others growing up. As we all know mental stability is the first firm foundation for human beings, because with that we can clearly all see the world in almost the same light and study how to react to all that happens.

         Then we run into diseases and problems beyond our control, obsessive compulsive behaviors, bi-polar individuals, depression in individuals due to chemical imbalances or mistreatment by others. Sadly, all occurs to humanity on this planet and all we can do, those who are considered medical experts or normal individuals even, is offer assistance to them. Hopefully, we can help these individuals, or at least protect them from themselves. Pain and hurt is a constant reminder in the world to humanity that it still exists and goes on, believe me. If you pinch me do I not yell, if you cut me do I not bleed? In life those pinches and cuts, can be physical or mental and they can hurt or damage someone for the rest of their life.

       Depression is a state of mind when nothing and I mean nothing reaches you mentally, you don’t care what you do, or who does what to you. Your continuously put down verbally by others, no matter what you do it is never enough, you feel like you fail to reach what others have and never, ever get approval. People around you put you down, they disrespect you and you never fight back, it piles up on you mentally and ultimately, you may succumb to it and never be heard from again. Depression ruins lives of those depressed and all of those around them too, so that those around the depressed individual, run from them afraid of being dragged down with them. It is a sad world in which to live when you are depressed.

        I know there are Doctors and medications and programs and institutions for people depressed in America and they do a job too. It’s a good thing they exist all who need them, god bless the ones that handle these patients, the medical staffs, nurses, doctors and interns, are to be thanked for all they do.

          Mental stability can not be measured easily, nor can chemical imbalances in the body, nor can the damages done by humans to humans when raising them or mistreating them physically and mentally. Nor can humans read minds and know when someone is depressed unless, they pay attention to the depressed one. So, folks, here is what I say, Depression is as big of a killer as heart attacks, and cancer and unless caught, people go into depression and end their own lives. Sadly, not too many even think about interfering to stop such a thing and people die.

       Depression of the human mind and human soul is equal to lost hope and no desire left to live. Depression must be fought just as much as all diseases must.


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