Life Destiny,or Fate?

      Is life really a choice for us all, or were we all put here  for reasons beyond our control? I always though, each human being was put here to complete certain missions in life , and once we complete those missions we return from whence we came. But is that true, I really don’t know , I just draw on that feeling as my life drifts by, and i see others leave us here on earth.

        Stop and think now, we didn’t ask to be brought into the world when we were born, we didn’t have a choice in who we were born to,how we were brought up and raised did we. Fate deemed all of it or did a supreme being? And how would we ever know anyway, we are too busy trying to stay alive, and get done what we need to, like ants on an ant hill.

        Mankind is like the ants really we all blindly multiply at a god given rate and timing pattern, we scurry all across the planet, doing things at times we have no idea why we do them but we blindly do. We build homes and neighborhoods like ants and protect them and if they get wiped out we move on and do it all over again and again. While ants own the smaller world’s at their size and time, and place, till humanity or another species comes along and stomps them out, so goes the same for us their larger counterparts.

         Long ago when I was a kid, I used to study nature and animals and insects and more. I had my little microscope and would examine all things dead or alive under it. I think we all did it at some point in our childhoods, yet we don’t all admit it lol. As we grow older we tend to accept things more and live with things as they happen, it’s called adapting to society and environment. Just like the ants below our feet, we scurry about for safety, we build nests, we forage food and we multiply. When under attack we all like the ants gather and fight back. Stop and think, is mankind just a bigger species that without resembling ants, who are programmed at birth to do the exact same things as ants and other species do?

      What are we all really here for? Will we ever really know, what our purpose really is here? Will we ever be able to predict the future, control the future, stop destroying the planet or anything else? Is life just destiny or fate?



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