America’s Future and Past!

      Lately I have been blogging about the Republican Candidates and their run to capture the White House. Before they can even do so, they will need one candidate who doesn’t stumble over what he says, or doesn’t have more baggage he is carrying then all the airlines in the world. It’s sad when candidates for the world’s most powerful office, actually, don’t look like they deserve to run or manage it, isn’t it?

       Across Florida a battle is now raging for votes for the Republican Candidate and their primary. Millions are flying through Florida for signage, phone calls, ads on television and radio, all talking about four candidates who are talking about one another like little boys in a school ground playground in elementary school. Why?

      When the fore-fathers of America, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams and many more gathered and discussed this country and it’s Independence, do you think they threw slanders at one another, attacked each other over silly things having nothing to do with running the country?  Or lets stop and think about Abraham Lincoln and  would he have fought and attacked his fellow candidates so hard he slandered them and hurt his own chances at the Presidency? I think not at all! Sadly political battles have become a three-ring circus that most Americans don’t really pay much attention to anymore. It’s not the robo-calls, or the TV Ads. or the debates, or money that gets us to listen, its actual solutions and common sence. One of these days one political party or the other will get this and listen.

      America is in desperate need of a person who can look into a camera and tell us the real state of the Union, not what they want it to be, or would like it to be, but what it is. Then give working solutions to correcting it all and get the congress to work with him. It’s not easy doing away with self-pride to get the best results for the country is it folks?

      I have lived now through Eisenhower, at least the end of his term, Kennedy,Johnson,Nixon,Carter, Regan,Two Bushes, Clinton and more to get to 56 years old today. Each President was unique in their own way of course and not all were great. Kennedy actually in his short time saved us from war with Russia, Johnson did Civil Rights that Kennedy started.Nixon opened up Russia and China and took us off the gold standard and out of Vietnam, and on and on. But the man or person in the White House has to match the times and problems for America for all to work.

      Also checks and balances I agree on folks and it does work in the American government, but when you elect one party the Presidency and the other  Congress you are asking for what we currently have gridlock. Gridlock stops growth, stops expansion, messes up trade and more, Americans you want progress if you re-elect Obama give him Democrats in Congress to move us forward. If you Elect a Republican match that in Congress or more gridlock will occur, we can’t get progress if these two parties can not talk and agree on anything can we?

      One more thing before I end my blog today. If the Republicans allow Newt Gingrich and his load of baggage to win their nomination, it will be one joke of a national election come fall. His temperament, his past. his infidelities and history itself says he will never be President, so why bother backing him and wasting the nomination on him? Don’t ask me that’s all I can say!



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