Florida Must Speak!

Florida is next for the Republican Primary Contest and so far we have three different winner in three different states, why?  Well, because each state is slightly different in what is wrong with it and how it thinks due to religious beliefs. It seems all in the end have religioius beliefs that color and sway their voting.

       As Florida is one week away now from having its say in the Republican’s choice for their nominee, the people of Florida have a big decision to make. When their primary ends, and a clear front-runner emerges in either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, the last man standing Rick Santorum will more then likely drop then, and suspend his campaign too. By the time it becomes a two-man race we will get a clearer picture of who each man really is.

       If I were the Republicans, I would think twice about giving our nomination to Newt Gingrich a man loaded with old baggage from his past. Three marriages, Infidelity,Lies, the Freddie Mac controversy, and why was he finally done as Speaker of the House , investigate folks! Mr. Gingrich is indeed a good debater but in the end, how much baggage will be in the Republican Party’s way to get the Presidency? Someone needs to look and see!

       Mitt Romney has tried yes indeed to be elected before, and failed, maybe through of all that is left he is indeed the best choice. He isn’t in this for money that’s for sure he has plenty and spends it. He isn’t in it for benefits he has all money can buy that’s for sure. Can it be possible that Mit Romney is actually running because he wants to really help the American People not himself. I think if Mitt Romney can clarify a few things for all, he can get the nomination.

       Mitt, show us the tax returns and that hurdle will drop. Explain to the American people all about Bain and what the company really did and why. Steer clear of religious issues, not give up your faith at all that you love so well, just don’t discuss it so much. Explain to the nation why your home state, needed your Health care program you put in place and make it clear it should be done state by state not nationally. Leave Obama‘s Health Care Program alone, don’t try to remove it, improve it instead. Mitt do yourself a favor and the elderly and disabled a favor too, don’t attack Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security or anyone’s disability payments. find a way to plug the leak in Social Security by stopping Congress from borrowing from it.

       As January 30th, 2012 comes closer and this couid indeed be the pivotal primary for Republicans, the state of Florida its people need to look closer and make a great choice in this race. If you vote Gingrich, watch out the baggage will come flying out, his temperament will change, his aggression will show and he will lose against Obama.

       Ron Paul already said he doesn’t expect to win the nomination, but he does want some say at the convention is all, into the platform for the fall. Rick Santorum is a good man, but too inexperienced to run a full-fledged nationwide primary. So, Republicans the choice will be between Romney and Gingrich and if you choose wrong you will lose the national election come November!


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