Something to Think About!

      Somethings the world should think about comes to mind this am. Like do we ever know when a volcano can erupt and kill humanity? Do we really know where civilization came from or are we really guessing with evolution,the big bang theory and God? And what about is there life on other planets in the universe or beyond? So many questions, but very few real answers, isn’t it funny how that happens?.

      I ponder many thoughts and ideas daily, maybe the biggest one is why diseases are in the world to kill humanity?  How will we ever find solutions to cancer or other deadly diseases? No one knows, but our experts keep trying don’t they? What fates did God intend for humanity and what did he put us here for? Do we really have any idea on this, I doubt it!.

      We awaken and stumble from our beds and head off to do jobs created by people to employ and make life worth living for all. I know they come in different degrees and kinds and different purposes, but without them people would get lost, just look at the high unemployment rate now and how people stumble about! It all comes back to the real purpose we were all put here and given the life we cherish and hold on to for so long. Do we really know what that real purpose is and why we were created? I still think not we guess a lot and theorize a lot but no firm foundation has ever been proven, has it?

       So many questions can be asked, but as we all used to say when I was young there is no stupid question, just stupid answers. One must look for information and gather it to survive and knowledge there is no doubt makes for a better civilization and world correct? What of the knowledge we really were not intended to have but do anyway? Do you really think we were supposed to know, how to split the atom and make bombs and rockets? Do you really believe humanity is supposed to know how many ways to kill itself off, like we do? Sadly, I don’t think so, but we keep inventing ways to destroy each other and the planet don’t we? Why?

       Is it really vital to each of us, to actually play the old game of keeping up with the neighbors? Just because they have something we have to too? Is all the electronic devices we have really necessary or can’t we ever go back to pencils and pens?  The advancements that led to electronics such as I-Pads,Tablets, PCs,E-Readers and more, including game consoles like X-Box 360, Playstation 3 and others, what do they really do to our minds and bodies and personalities? Were we intended to have full-grown adults of all races, nationalities and creeds and colors staring at flat screen monitors or tv and pushing buttons on little controllers for hours or days at end? Just somethings to think about for all, stop and think when you have not much to do, and you may find when you do, you will find a thought worthy of both me and you!


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