News and Commentators

      I grew up in the 1960’s , when Television was still black and white and just beginning to turn to color. The days when President Kennedy was in office and got shot by Oswald and Oswald got shot by Ruby. The days before humanity officially reached the moon and elections were covered seriously by news men and women who worked for the big three Networks , yes the old, CBS, ABC and NBC days when we had Harry Reasoner, Huntly and Brinkley and Walter Cronkite, all newsmen who gathered and held respect in the industry and on the air. So tell me what happened to this kind of newsperson with integrity and respect backing them up who can just report the facts? Where are they today?

      CNN is the most popular news station on Television today, and it does have some good reporters on it, but then they are teamed with some bad commentators who are racial and bias and foolish too. I used to watch CNN, just to hear the news and see what is happening in the world today and that is always good to do, because when it just reports the news, CNN is great.  But when it comes to political coverage of Primaries and Elections, no one has the tools CNN has for counting the numbers, but, it also has problem commentators.

        My biggest problem with any commentator is if they say one thing and then change it, or they color the news or thought of the day, with their own bias or discrimination in any way. I don’t mind a commentator who  backs a candidate or believes a candidate will win or lose. I do have a problem with people who color their commentary with racial remarks or constantly throw race into everything.

       CNN has many good commentators and newsmen, so why keep newsmen or women who let race get to them on-screen and allow them to show how they really feel. And on the other hand why is CNN always running racial programs in their spare time, like Black in America, or Hispanic in America,and then constantly referring to the struggles of these races in America? Is it really necessary to do this ? My opinion is by doing this to any race, color, or nationality, you tend to put them under a microscope and people stare.

     Humanity and civilization has made many mistakes against each other we all know it and we don’t need commentators throwing it in people’s faces 24/7 on a Cable Channel filled with News. Of all of the people I have seen on Television News with this kind of bias and discrimination and outright aggression toward other races, is Mr. Roland Martin. He can comentate very well on Election Coverages and he is fine when speaking of anything other than racial tensions or interactions. He is the first and foremost to step up and attack anyone who says anything against the black race or African-American Race. And I agree the African-American race did get a raw deal when they were dragged to American and mistreated, and I do agree race should make no difference in the land of the free. What I don’t agree with is, why an African-American with Mr. Roland Martin’s education and background can come on television and tell American not to discriminate against his race when he discriminates against other races. I can’t see Mr. Roland Martin accepting a caucasian person calling a African-American a black person, yet he goes around calling Caucasians white?  We are not white, we are not clear, we are not bad and will always be here. Fairness and equality says if you can point a finger at a caucasian and call us white, honkies, and more than we should be able to call your race names too. Yet we don’t all do this and the ignorant people in the world are the only ones who do. I love my news, I love CNN, I love Politics and more, I don’t love people who use words like White, Honkie,Nigger,Black, or any other descriptive name for any race on public television and can incite people to fight against one another.

       The Red Tails of  World War 2 were honored recently, watch their interviews and their story on the big screen when you can. They went to war, flew and fought and died for America and the world not for the color of their skins, not for African-American pride or anything else, they did it to save American Lives in a world of war and to defend freedom, everywhere.

        African-Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Orientals and more, we are all Americans despite what race, color, or nationality. That is what makes us the Greatest Nation on Earth to live in, that and the Constitution of The United States of America. In New Yorks harbor there stands a statue given to us by the French People, long ago now. and a sign that says give us your weak and  your homeless  and more and we shall build. At least that’s the general sentiment of it all, we accept all and we have for over 200 years. Can we now all  just accept each other who live under our flag, our Constitution, and on American Soil and forget discrimination please! Just report the news, just get the Election Results out and keep it news about Politics and not racial . No Commentator needs to be on air calling another race names, or disrespecting anyone.


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