Republicans might be making a Big Mistake!

     Today January 21, 2012 is the Republican South Carolina Primary. As all that are left are 4 candidates now the field has slimmed down big time. But even with the remaining 4 choices, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, there is no real front runner at this late date. Santorum won Iowa , Romney won New Hampshire and now it is looking like Gingrich will take South Carolina. The real question now becomes who do the republicans really want to face Obama in the fall election and who can win?.

       My opinion of these candidates on the Republican side is not a good one by anyone standards or calls. The way I see it is the republican voters give South Carolina to Newt Gingrich they lose in the fall election, If they give it to Ron Paul they are not voting for a conservative but a liberal republican.  Give it to Santorum and you give it to a moderate republican with religious views and ideas that don’t match the party he wishes to represent. That would leave Mitt Romney, but again each and every candidate in these Republican Primaries have their own forms of baggage and problems.

       I think the Republicans should think it over again in more ways than one, Newt Gingrich has more baggage then all of the remaining four combined. His record in Congress and as Speaker of the House speaks for itself. And how many conservative Republicans will trust a candidate who was married three times, asked for an open marriage from his second wife, and claims to be a Regan Republican and isn’t?.

        Sadly as I watch the election results get ready to roll in and people line up to speak about the candidates I can’t help but stop to think, Will any of the four left be able to actually stand up to Obama ? I don’t believe they can and survive his tactics nor his speaking against them. I know, I know what many will say, it’s either Gingrich or Romney and that’s it today!. Well your all probably right, but in the end, which would be best for the Republican Party? I believe the man for the job has to be Mitt Romney, at least he talks sense, controls his temper, and may listen to advisors and his own party, can the same be said of the former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich, I doubt it!.

       So, here is what I say to Republicans across the land we live in, and i say it as an Independent, you choose to run Newt Gingrich against Barrack Obama you lose in November, no doubt in my mind.  While Mr. Gingrich is a rough and tumbler, fighter in debates and he can stand his own, when do we know when he willexplode on himself. his wife, his life or the american people and not be in full control/ And do we need an American President with tempermental problems and rudeness as well as outright aggressiveness to other nations? I don’t think so, so stop and think South Carolina and Florida who is next.We need economic solutions, a peacefull face towards the world and a President who will save Medicare, Medicade and Social Security, for all the aged citizens of today. I firmly believe to vote for Newt Gingrich is to vote for a person who can explode or get angry at anytime and who will make rash decisions instead of thinking things out fully. I just hope Republicans realize this before they give Mr. Gingrich the Nomination on a plater.



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