Racial Equality, Where?

The United States of America talks of racial equality for all every day of this nations history, yet each and everyday you run into unequally on the streets in the stores and in homes and more. I hear Hispanics attacking African Americans, who attack back, I see African Americans intimidating Hispanics, and Caucasians someone please explain why this happens in America today? I agree with many who say, Americans have no sense or idea of the history of each race, or color on the planet and are ignorant, we need to teach it in schools. For I have traveled the world over, in the U.S. Navy and I have met all races, all colors and most nationalities too, and I find more things in common then anything that separates us all.

       Skin color my friends is nothing but a pigmentation and caused by genes. The thing to look at is this: we all have the same body parts, we all have the same organs, we all laugh, cry, scream and hurt, we all bleed. We all eat the same foods, we all go to the same schools basically and we all live in the same country and defend it. I tire of people who use skin color, nationality or anything else against someone, its stupidity at it’s best. America put up a shingle many years ago, that said give us your homeless, and we accepted all races, colors, creeds and nationalities, why can’t we all just understand this and get along?

      Recently I was watching CNN, and they do specials on Hispanics, African-Americans but never one on caucasians. Why? Before you come up with it was the caucasian race that invented slavery, that’s crap too, they accepted it and tried to use it for their benefit true, but they didn’t invent it, it was a worldwide problem not just an American one.  We tend to point at one another’s mistakes, errors or faults and never let go, don’t we? Sadly it will destroy humanity and the world if it continues no matter what.

       American is a country of all races, nationalities and cultures. We are the biggest melting pot in the world that boils over for all kinds of reasons.In the end though, we are all Americans, we all would fight for what we have and to keep it so no matter skin color, or anything else. Wake up folks stop the racial fighting and the finger-pointing and realize, humanity is one.

       Leaders of each race, color, nationality, should all stand together on one stage in America and declare  all as equals and declare life as the one thing vital to all and tell their own race, their own color their own nationalities, to stop the bitter fighting, arguing, and racial bullshit and shake hands and come out togethe rto make the world a better place.



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