God’s Missions for Mankind?

      Sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, or hope, you can’t win and other times you can. I suppose the balance for all of this, is in God‘s hands not humanitys.  I have seen now, five family members go from Cancer in my family alone in my lifetime, one old female friend survive it suffering as she does, and the newest of them all is my current wife. She came through the first bout of cancer over 5 years ago, and took the radiation and chemo as I stood by her, and she is here today. Reoccurances do happen it seems, and she can’t win I guess. The first time through we had 29 lymph nodes removed from under her left arm pit, and it went well.  This time we know not yet, how many tumors if any exist and how big they may be. But we shall struggle along and do what Doctors have said to do and see how it goes. The end result as we all know, is not in my hands, my wife’s hands as the patient, or even her Doctors hands, but in the hands of God.

       Long ago when I was a very young boy around 5 of six years old. I used to attend church and Sunday School lessons on Sundays.  I prayed and drew pictures of churches and Jesus and more, and hoped someone would protect us all. As I grew older I have slid away from churches and religion entirely it seems and all seemed fine. But with this happening now once more I wonder, is there really a God who listens to us?

       I do though understand one thing firmly about humanity and life, we struggle to stay here but ultimately time wears us down and we depart the planet to return to where we came from.  It is a fact of life for all human beings regardless of race color, nationality or sex, we all live, we all die at some point. In the end though some of us are taken too soon and it is sa dit happens and nothing we can do about it either.

      I have a belief from when I was a little boy that goes like this: We are all put here on earth to complete certain mission, those missions are unknown to us, but we complete them without really knowing what they are. When we complete the final mission assigned to us we are recalled back to from whence we came. Which explains death by disease,illnesses of all kinds and accidents and even natural death. We all die, once we complete all we were put here to do, by the supreme being, or God. So do the best you can do in life, be good to all, be respectful to all and try to live in peace, for you never will know when you are to be called back from whence we all came.


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