Cancer May be Back!

      January 18th, 2012 is here, hard yo believe but so am I still, in a week I will turn 56 and have out lived my real father. He died of cancer in November 1983, lung cancer got him, as it did my step-father in 1990 and my mother in 1991. Prior to any of them was a girl I know in High School who developed ovarian cancer and still survives today. And now I have lived through my second wife having cancer also once and the chemo and radiation treatments and she has survived 5 years, but now tests show lumps coming back in her breasts. Tomorrow the battle starts once more with MRIs, biopsies, and worry, as we begin once more to wait out God‘s decision on whether she will live or die.

       The battles I have seen with cancer, go back now to 1971 and  the year my maternal grandfather died of it in a nursing home. His was pancreatic as was my step-fathers in 1990. My real parents went from lung cancer, neither capable of quitting cigarettes right up until they could smoke no more. It doesn’t matter though what you do, or how you do it, humanity has not found a cure for this, the deadliest disease on the planet. I wish to God they would and soon, but I am just one person who has people dying or ravaged by this disease, imagine me multiplied by millions. How do the survivors of cancer victims, their loved ones keep going, never knowing if we ourselves will face this, or if  someone else we know and love may too. Sadly, we can never predict it and no Doctor can either, all we can do is help to try to defeat or eliminate it in some way with money and time.

        If I could find a way to beat such a disease as Cancer, or any other diseases I would, I am not a science major, or a medical expert, so I have no knowledge of how to beat something so deadly.  The experts, both in the medical field and science fields have fought this disease now for decades upon decades, and no one can stop it , it seems. I have seen this disease caused by a blow to a leg and found in a thigh of my sister when she was young and removed. I have seen it kill my grandfather in one organ and my step-father in the same, I have seen it ravage a young woman’s life through her own ovaries, and parents die of it, from smoking. I don’t want to see my second wife go from this. Over 5 years ago now, we went all the way to Sloan Kettering in New York to help her, I will do so again if needed.  But someone , Please just tell me how do you stop a killer like Cancer?



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