Racial Comments No More Please!

CNN has many reporters and many political experts and speakers, but some one needs to explain why, it has Rowan Martin. While I believe in equal opportunity and I believe Mr. Martin can indeed speak well and write well at times, his attitude regarding racism and the interaction between the races, is in my opinion poorly handled. Here is a man who comes across as highly intelligent, well spoken when he speaks sense and politics. But go one step to speak of the differences between the races and wham Mr. Martin will go off the deep end raving and ranting. Unnecessary, Mr. Martin, this is modern-day America, not the days of slavery, or the Civil War or before. So please calm the hell down when you discuss this area of discussion. You make yourself look silly on television and foolish as an individual so educated, yet so touchy. I have seen now Black History Month come to be, we honor African American Leaders a lot too, Booker Washington, Rev. Martin Luther King JR. and others. We recognize African-Americans contributions to the country and their sacrifices daily on History Channels and more. Relax Mr. Martin no one wants to take away any fame, honor, contributions or rights of African-Americans, we all live in peace today. We don’t need a resurgence of the Black Panthers or racial riots at all, thank you.

While we are discussing this though, Mr. Rowan Martin, I have a simple problem with the way you talk also. You get upset when people call the African-American Race anything but African-American and I agree it is wrong to do, but do me a favor ok, stop calling the Caucasian Race white!. We are not white, we do not blind you in the sunlight, we are not honkies, we are not country bumpkins either. We are Caucasians and that is the fact, please refer to us in that way and get off your high horse on being African-American you’re not alone.No one likes being called racial names and slandered and attacked by anyone and we all know that don’t we, Mr. Rowan Martin, so be more careful in how you speak please.

I served in the United States Armed Forces for almost 16 years, I worked side by side with every race and cultural and nationality out there, I visited Europe, The North Atlantic Countries, South America and even The Virgin Islands. People are people no matter what color or race or nationality, If treated with respect, and kindness and as equals all will get along. We need not this divide or fight over who is superior or who is inferior in the United States, that is why we are the United States.  We accept everyone, till they disrespect us, or attack our country and way of life. So before we fight over who is Hispanic, African-American, Caucasian, or Oriental, lets remember we are a country who takes in all, and that is what makes us great. If there was ever a country in the world that, accomplished accepting all and respecting all and letting all live together it is the United States of America, and all Americans should be proud to live here and respect one another!.


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