The Real Election is Coming

      As the Republican list of Candidates starts to whittle down one by one for lack of funding, we are getting closer and closer to the big bout of the year. That being a Republican Candidate head to head with President Obama for the big prize. It will be interesting to see how such a head to head will change the dynamics of this election cycle so far, I don’t think it really will.

       The Republicans left now are led by Mitt Romney who has run for public office many times and just never won except as a Governor in his old home state. Ron Paul is running to tip the status quo as he himself says and he doesn’t believe he will ever get the nomination. Newt Gingrich is running just to really put a boot in Romney’s ass and to make the whole thing look good. It’s sad really but true. Santorum meant well when he joined in this race, but he is not ready for prime time as the actors and actresses would say. Maybe in the future Rick, for your still young enough. Rick Perry reminds me of that old coach for the New Orleans Saints Jim Mora, Super Bowl what Super Bowl, don’t speak to me about a Super Bowl. Rick Perry should quit and go home he is another not ready for prime time player.And I congratulate Jon Huntsman on his ability to know when to quit without putting himself in too deep.

         Whether Romney gets the nomination or any other candidate, they will have an uphill battle to get the White House from President Obama.What I really doubt strongly is if any of these candidates left can beat Obama at all. Even Mitt Romney who speaks pretty good and says things pretty clearly does not have the strength of experience to overcome Obama this election year in my mind.

       Sadly but surely the list of candidates will whittle itself down, one by one, and one Republican will stand to face President Obama. In the end though who can really beat him out of those standing? I don’t know, but I do know this much, as long as Obama keeps working to fix the economy, keep his health care plan in place and keeps us out of wars, I am ok with him for four more years.


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