Mackey- By; William M. McCurrach



Hidden inside every human being is that desire to be loved, wanted and needed, but, some never get that attention do they?  Such is the case for Mackey  Storm, a boy born to parents in constant  confusion and pain, Mackey believed he was alright, at least that is what they always told him, yet as he grew older Mackey knew he was different, then everyone else. His mother seemed to pull back from him when he was around 5 or 6 years old. Why Mackey never grasped or understood and his father well he never got close anyway, always busy, working and doing his own things.

Mackey began to notice how he was different not from his looks that’s for sure, cause Mackey was always a handsome lad, with bright eyes and dark ebony hair and a smile that made others smile back. No it was when people started to talk to Mackey that things changed. Mackey always seemed to be one step ahead of all conversations and knew what others were going to say, why, Mackey never understood.  Mackey was a straight A student, but he was shunned by the other kids, they sensed he was different.

Mackey began to realize he was different himself at 5 years old, when his mom told him no about something he wanted and less than 5 minutes later after Mackey stared at her, she changed her mind and gave in.  Mackey got the candy that day and every day.  At least it was so easy for Mackey he would laugh at anyone having trouble with anything. The other kids would try again as Mackey said to and the next thing they knew, as Mackey stared and watched them they flew through it and finished it all correctly. Mackey had that kind of effect on people, he would reinforce them by telling them they could do it and wham it was done. Mackey did this to whoever, he could, never hurting anyone, because he was a good kid.

By the time Mackey hit ten years old, he stood 6 feet tall and he was an imposing figure. Many thought he was tall for his age and they were right.  What wasn’ t  normal were those days when Mackey seemed to control everything around him and everyone too. It was like a magic spell fell over every person within Mackey’s eye sight.  He would just watch and see things done the way he thought they should be. Amazingly, he would stare and his brow would furrow and his eyes became like two pins of light. The next thing Mackey knew, no matter what it was, came out Mackey’s way.

When Mackey hit his teenage years at 13, and he noticed girls, he could have anyone he wanted,   they swooned for him and hung on his every word.. It was wild to watch for sure, but Mackey or those who knew him never questioned it, they just assumed he was a popular kid. Never a question was asked why it was all so, it was just accepted by all.

Then at 16, as most kids do, Mackey began to mature a bit and see things a little differently and he began to understand this weird power of control he has.  By concentrating, Mackey could make almost anyone do anything and he seemed to see into the future too, he could tell people not to do something cause he could see bad events in the future, in his sleep.

At 18 Mackey filled out and his weight went up to 220 lbs. and pure muscle. He never exercised a day in his life, it was natural for him.  Mackey was now a young man, he was strong physically as well as mentally. Mackey’s predictions of the future, became more intense and clearer for him. He could now make out faces on the people in his dreams and he heard names and sounds too. His dreams were now, as good as being awake.  After a night of these dreams, he had to go out and find the people in them and try to prevent harm from happening to them. Mackey saved many a person this way in his 18th year. He would run to the places he saw in his dreams and find them in real life and sit and wait until his dream started becoming reality and then step in and change it, stopping the person from getting injured or killed. Mackey begin to believe this was his purpose in life, his destiny to help others with his gift of future sight and control and intelligence. It had to be thought Mackey, why else would he be able to know and do all he did?  But, it grew tiring after a few years for Mackey. Something was wrong with Mackey now, but, he couldn’t tell what. The pattern of seeing, reacting and fixing was slowly wearing on Mackey’s nerves

On Mackey’s 21st birthday, he awoke in a peaceful manner, his eyes opening slowly as the light from the window hit them and he adjusted to it. He lay in bed, just relaxed and no aggressive moves or actions did he take, just   laying   there. Mackey thought finally it is over, no more dreams, or sights, no one close by I want to control or even will try to. A peace hit Mackey that day. In his mind all Mackey could hear or see were his own thoughts, no one else’s .

Mackey’s parents now older and in their 50’s gave Mackey a 21st birthday party that day, they invited all his friends and relatives, spending a good grand on it all. Mackey got presents and money and lots of hugs and kisses and Happy Birthdays. The party lasted most of that evening and into the night, not ending till 1 am. Mackey was now 21 and he was dead tired, he trudged off to bed now, and fell asleep.

The next day, for Mackey was weird, he had no more control over others, his intelligence seemed just normal not high anymore, yet Mackey felt normal in all other ways. He wasn’t dreaming of anything, anymore, Mackey felt scared too, for the first time in decades.  Mackey knew then he needed  help, someone who could answer what happened to his abilities and powers so to say, why have they disappeared? Mackey wanted to know but had no idea where to turn for help, he floundered around looking for reasons and help,  no one came to help him at all.

Mackey awoke on his 22nd birthday and climbed from bed, his hair a mess on his head, his eyes half open, and stumbled into the bathroom, looked in the mirror and froze in surprise. The man looking back at him, looked like an 80 year old man!. Mackey screamed and his body shook and shuddered as he screamed and yelled, help me!  But no help was coming, Mackey knew it now as he raised his hands to his face and felt the creases and wrinkles of old age and cried, I am only 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That afternoon, Mackey laid in his bed, tired again and no place to turn to, he closed his eyes and prayed to dream, but, no dreams were to be found for Mackey now.

6 am, the next morning, Mackey’s friend and neighbor came knocking on his door, no answer so the friend kept knocking for the next few days, after three days and no answer, the neighbor got worried and called the police, they arrived within 30 minutes of the call. As the neighbor explained   his worries over Mackey’s disappearance and not answering the door, the police listened . They told the neighbor we will check on him before we leave, then, headed to Mackey’s apartment.

Knocking on the door and no one answering the Police decided they needed to look in on Mackey and make sure he was ok. Sending the neighbor for the key from the landlord they waited outside Mackey’s door. When the neighbor gave the key to the police, they went in. A smell came from the apartment as soon as the door opened, causing the police officers and the neighbor to gag at the smell.

In the bedroom they found Mackey, sprawled across his bed, a skeleton was all they found. Mackey was dead at 22 years old and all that remained was his skeleton in his bed. Mackey had burned himself out, by dreaming his dreams, following them and controlling others, his futuristic visions and powers had eaten Mackey to death.  Mackey self combusted from the inside, out, is what the autopsy found, and they never found the cause. He lived his short life helping others with his futuristic visions and his power of controlling others, Mackey will go down in history as a helper and humanity will miss him.



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