Racist Comments have no Place!

      Welcome to the world is what they say to many babies who get smacked on the ass to get started breathing, then we go on automatic and breathe and then go for many, many years till we die. Isn’t it funny how that happens to all who live at one point in their lives.

       The other day I heard the a Presidential Candidate said a racist remark and got caught on tape. Television News played it over and over across the news waves and we all got to see what he said. Well if that doesn’t ruin his bid for the Republican Nomination nothing will. I thought and firmly believed for many decades Racial profiling and discrimination were dead in America? What happened? But I can’t stop slip ups by candidates running for office nor can I save the whole human race from suffering. But I can say discrimination, no matter against who or what is just down right, bullshit!. The color of one’s skin or nationality or even language one speaks has nothing to do with the person inside, we are all human beings.

        A little thought along these lines for all to understand my point. When I was small and young we lived in the projects, brick apartments lined in a row attached to one another numbering up to eight. Families side by side, regardless of color, race, religion or any other thing. All of us played with each other, went to school with each other, and even argued with each other, but no one was called out for being racist or discriminating . We all lived in the same buildings, the same economic shape and raised children that we loved. The similarities out weighed the color barrier any time period. If I get cut do I not bleed, if I get hurt do I not cry, if I get something good do I not laugh or smile? Of course we all do, whether we are Caucasian, African American, Oriental, or Hispanic, no matter where our forebears came from, we are all human beings, we may not always talk the same, or walk the same, but we all feel the same. The world needs to remember this!.

       When I was a boy playing in the yard in the projects, I remember like most kids at a young age, I would get a jar and lid and try to catch bees to look at. I was a small tyke at the time maybe five or six years old. As I went to put the jar over the bee I missed and it stung me big time on my hand. As I stood there crying in the yard, an elderly woman opened her door, and came outside and packed my bee sting in caked mud, drawing the stinger from my hand. She told me to be more careful and asked me if I was ok, I said yes and she smiled and went back in her home. The lady’s name was Mrs. Corey, she was one of the nicest women I ever met and that anyone in the projects ever knew, with one simple act of kindness we were friends and united. She has a son and    older than I of course, and for all who don’t understand she is and was African-American and I am Caucasian, it didn’t matter than and it doesn’t matter today.

       So here is what I say about Racial Profiling, racist comments and language and discrimination , we are all human beings, we deserve equality, we deserve respect, we deserve the same treatment no matter what color, race, nationality we are, that is what America was built for, equality, opportunity,and the  chance to live in peace, can we just do that and all get along and stop calling names,slurs, ethics, color, or anything else. And if a candidate does show racist comments just do what adults should do, hold it against the person who did it not an entire race, color or country or the world. Racist comments of any kind, have no place in the world we live in!.


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